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Assange: A Flashback Invitation to Discussion (2)

New press release sent to youth associations of all political parties in Sweden Tuesday 30 October 2012.

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To the chairman:

We have the pleasure of inviting your party to a broad ongoing discussion at the Flashback Internet forum.

Flashback is a Swedish Internet discussion forum with 700,000 members. There you'll find a forum that's discussed the legal aspects of the Assange case. We who invite you have, in a thread of its own and for the past 26 months, followed the legal process against Assange, together with all its remarkable developments.

This discussion thread has collected everything from police documents for the preliminary investigation to articles and analyses, and has at present time resulted in nearly 50,000 posts and over 4.5 million views.

The reason we're formally inviting you is that we who have closely followed the case are sincerely interested to hear what your party's position is on the case from legal, humanitarian and political perspectives.

We are sending this invitation to the youth movements in all Sweden's political parties. This is a very sincere and serious attempt to bring the discussion forward. The idea is to get clear answers from each party about where they stand on these issues, with special focus on the current deadlock - a deadlock that hurts both the complainants and Julian Assange and in the long run even the reputation of Sweden as a neutral nation with a sound and safe judicial system. The idea is to stimulate a broad, impartial and ongoing discussion.

We assume you'll manage login yourselves and create an appropriate account, and regardless of your position on the case, would appreciate a reply regarding whether you plan to attend. Please contact us if you have any problems so we may help you.

The URL for the thread in question is https://www.flashback.org/t1275257.

We hope to see you there!

The contributors to the Assange thread

At time of writing, Flashback report that several parties have responded and are considering participation, and Rick Falkvinge made an unexpected appearance yesterday as well.

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