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Assange: Police Docs Published in Swedish MSM

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — 'Now I understand why the Swedish police and prosecutors don't travel to the UK to interrogate Assange', writes Paragraf editor-in-chief Dick Sundevall. 'They'd have to close the case and declare that no crime has been committed.'

Close the Case!

'I asked four experienced court magistrates to study the documents to see if they could find anything that pointed to prosecution. One said there possibly could be a case for molestation, but admitted the case was rather weak. The other three were in agreement that the case should be completely closed - the same thing the very respected chief prosecutor Eva Finné said over two years ago', wrote Sundevall.

'But the government of Sweden won't let that happen.'

Assange Warned

One of the journalists questioned by the police told of how he'd warned Assange that he may be set up for a honeytrap. 'I don't believe for one second that the women are part of a conspiracy', wrote Sundevall. 'But you'd have to be unbelievably naive to not see how hidden forces have exploited the situation.'

Assange Q&A

Sundevall has a short 'Q&A' section in his announcement.

Q: Did Assange take the initiative to the relationships?
A: No. They approached him.

Q: Did they say they didn't want to have sex with him?
A: No, not at all.

Q: Did Assange use force to have sex with them?
A: No.

Q: Did he prefer having sex without a condom?
A: Yes, but that's not illegal.

Q: Did he deliberately destroy a condom?
He denies doing do. That's something the investigation can't determine.

Q: Were either of the women infected or made pregnant?
A: No.

Sundevall incorrectly assesses that the women only wanted to ask the police about STDs, something totally debunked by police station notes later submitted to Eva Finné. Sundevall reasonably speculates that the women today regret having contacted the police, as they would today better understand what political intrigue they were swept up in. That can hold in the one of the cases.

Not the First

This is of course not the first release of the police documents. The location of the documents was first revealed at the Flashback forum nearly two years ago, after which this site set out a translation in a matter of days. The documents come from a transmission from Swedish lawyer Björn Hurtig to Jennifer Robinson in November 2010 - over two years ago. But this is the first time the files have gone mainstream in Sweden.

'I've had access to these files for some time', wrote Sundevall. Small steps.

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