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Marianne Ny's Personal Reply to FOI Request

And what a reply it is.

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You have via email requested copies of 'all email correspondence and all other analogue and digital communications related to Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand for the period 2010-08-19 to 2010-08-22. This therefore includes all communications that MHK handled within the framework of her office during the given period, that is to say both sent and received documents. I also wish to have copies of all clerical notes and other information which MHK registered regarding her office for the given period'.

Your request can be considered to regard the diary for the case of Julian Assange for the period 2010-08-20 - 22. A printout of the 'public diary' for this case and for the given period is attached. This means that the printout contains only that information not protected by the Secrecy Act.

In addition, a copy of the directive for the preliminary investigation is attached, with deletions in accordance with the Secrecy Act, as submitted on 2010-08-21 by Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand.

The portions of your request that do not concern the diary or the file in question for the case of Julian Assange have been turned over to the bureau manager at the Stockholm City prosecutor's office.

This is information about my judgement in regards to the Secrecy Act. You may request a formal ruling which then can be used to submit a formal appeal to the administrative court. If you want such a ruling, you are welcome to request this orally or in writing at the Development Centre in Gothenburg. You can also send your request via email to registrator.uc-eoteborg@aklagare.se.

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