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Microsoft Reacting to Criticism of Windows 8

A fiasco compared to Coco-Cola's 30 years ago.

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REDMOND (Radsoft) — Microsoft will have to remove some of the enhancements of Windows 8. The decision is being described as a failure on the level of Coca-Cola's 30 years ago when the soft drink company tried to change the taste of their product.

According to the Financial Times, Microsoft are in the process of making major (and regressive) changes to Windows 8. A new version should appear later this year with many of the 'enhancements' of Windows 8 now removed.

Response to Windows 8 has not been good, despite sales of 100 million units. People complained their beloved 'Start' button was gone, but most of all they didn't like the radical change in the UI and the way the system was used.

The gesture-oriented method used on smartphones and tablets didn't seem appropriate for the desktop or laptop, a snag Apple are also dealing with.

Both Apple and Microsoft seemed to have a dream that all computer systems would work the same way (the good old User Recognition Principle again) but at least Microsoft seem to have decided it won't work.

Wintel Market Disaster

Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Tami Reller believes the consumer's lack of interest in learning a new interface is the reason PC sales have dropped so drastically.

But Microsoft's decision to so drastically change a flagship product can have disastrous consequences for the IT market.

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