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'Offering an opinion, without being familiar with the facts, is indefensible.'

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London, England 11 June 2013Assange in Sweden: The Police Investigation, previously available in paperback, is now available as well in Kindle format. Distribution now covers ten countries at their Amazon outlets. The book contains the complete translations of the police statements and transcriptions of the audio-recorded interrogations, as submitted to the British Magistrates Court, along with a number of additional articles, including a preface specially written for those relatively unfamiliar with the case.

'The book was initially planned as an extensive appendix to the other books we're currently working on', says editor Bridget Hunter. 'But the materials were too extensive, so we began to realise they'd have to be a title of their own.'

'The book is minimalistic in its approach: there's no space allotted for theories. That's left to the reader.'

'What we wanted was an impartial work of reference for those researching the case, not only as it concerns Assange, but more importantly as it concerns Swedish jurisprudence. Offering an opinion in the matter without being familiar with the facts, all too common both on social media sites and with the mainstream press, is indefensible.'

'So many things have come to light since this story broke. The idealistic view of Sweden simply doesn't hold under closer scrutiny.'

Proceeds to Defence Fund

A portion of the proceeds from sales will be forwarded to the Julian Assange Defence Fund, a fund set up to support Assange and all WikiLeaks volunteers and staff.

'Frankly, we're not in it for the money. But most of the others - Domscheit-Berg, Leigh, Rusbridger, Harding, Katz, Keller, Sims - seem to think it's time to cash in on Julian's misfortune. We've also seen how merchandising sites have stolen images of Julian and the WikiLeaks logo and even gone so far as to forge deposit slips to make people believe they're donating. It's been quite the racket. We want to show people that there's a correct way to do this, and we're doing it the correct way', said Ms Hunter.


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