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Borgström Digs Ditch Deeper Still

The competition is mega-tough.

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STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) — Who's the better lawyer? Elisabeth Massi Fritz or Claes Borgström? OK then who's the worse lawyer? Both hard to call. After the Fritz scandal the other week, it seems Borgström wants to get back in the race as Sweden's most devious demagogue ever.

Most people remember Borgström as the excellent attorney who successfully defended an innocent man (Sture Bergwall aka Thomas Quick) to eight convictions for murders he didn't commit, partly by helping a corrupt prosecutor deliberately withhold evidence from the courts.

Then things blew up again, in the wake of the posthumous publication of the Hannes Råstam exposé, when Borgström's drinking buddy, supreme court Göran Lambertz, made a series of embarrassing last ditch attempts to save Borgström's crushed reputation both online and in the ether.

Then things blew up further still when it was found that Borgström, along with two other members of the 'Quick mafia', was actually coaching the supreme court justice from the sidelines.

The Swedish bar association's disciplinary board convened and by a close margin decided to not caution Borgström. Amongst the three dissenters was the head of the bar, Anne Ramberg. Now that things have been quiet for a while and Bergwall/Quick's now been acquitted of all eight convictions Borgström helped his friends get, the not exactly camera-shy Borgström goes back on the attack.

This time he's attacking the bar association and Anne Ramberg.

In a piece to be published on Wednesday, Borgström questions the honesty of the bar. The bar were to have asked Borgström if there was any further correspondence between him and the supreme court justice. This, in Borgström's patented way of twisting things, now becomes a violation of - the European Convention.

'It's like asking if you've committed any further burglaries, then threatening with more stir', says the weaving jurist.

Outright Harassment!

But Borgström doesn't stop there. He attacks the bar for asking him to comment on an email exchange where he was neither recipient or sender. 'That's outright harassment!' pens the shifty Claes. 'There's no reason to ask me to comment on mail that's not mine!'

'They have jeopardised rule of law!' says the man who conspired to convict an innocent man eight times over. 'They shouldn't be allowed to remain at their jobs!'

Anne Ramberg has no comment on this latest show by Borgström.

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