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Anakata's Open Letter

Sent to cabinet ministers in Denmark.

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Dear Morten Bødskov/Margrethe Vestager,

I'm truly sorry my computer was used in a way that caused damage in Denmark. This was of course not my intention. It was set up as a computer lab server, available to others, both physically and via the Internet.

This has been established by the Svea High Court in their ruling 25 September. The High Court established as well that the computer's firewall was configured in such a way that the integrity of the computer could no longer be guaranteed, and so remote control of the computer was possible in a number of ways. Therefore I cannot be held responsible for what is or what was on the computer.

I want to emphasise that I have absolutely no connection to Denmark. The Danish police have claimed in an earlier interrogation that the Danish CSC hack is similar to the Nordea intrusion for which I was previously under suspicion. By virtue of the High Court ruling, I am exonerated from suspicion in the Nordea case.

Finally I wish to emphasise my view that this must be an enormous waste of resources - both human and monetary - to continue to pursue this case against me in Denmark, now that the Svea High Court have ruled. It's as if the Danish police and the Danish prosecution authority don't trust the Swedish judiciary. I'd be grateful if the Minister could mention this out to people. And I want to again express my regret that my computer was abused in that fashion.


Gottfrid Svartholm Warg

Morten Bødskov is Denmark's minister for justice. Margrethe Vestager is Denmark's deputy prime minister and minister for economic and interior affairs.

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