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Swedish Justice Minister Pressured To Resign

Puts foot squarely in it.

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DUCKBURG (Rixstep) — It was meant as a satire - a stinging criticism of the stupidity and bigotry surrounding the use of marijuana. Who could have guessed that three of Sweden's politicians would fall right in it? Already there's a Facebook group formed to force the country's strange and less than formally educated minister for justice Beatrice Ask to resign.

'Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37'

Anyone with half a clue was rolling in the aisles: the Daily Currant published a hilarious satire Thursday 2 January the day after marijuana went on sale legally in Colorado.

'It's complete chaos here', says Dr Jack Shepard, chief of surgery at St Luke's Medical Center in Denver. 'I've put five college students in body bags since breakfast and more are arriving every minute. We are seeing cardiac arrests, hypospadias, acquired trimethylaminuria and multiple organ failures. By next week the death toll could go as high as 200, maybe 300. Someone needs to step in and stop this madness. My god, why did we legalize marijuana? What were we thinking?'

And so forth. But Swedish politicians, not exactly known for being the brightest bulbs on the marquee, fell for it. Eva Flyborg of the Liberal Party included a link to the Daily Currant piece when she wrote on Facebook:

'There are those who think we should legalise marijuana in Sweden. I don't think so.'

Law professor Mårten Schultz, known to butter up to and defend the current regime at any cost, came to the country's defence - at a Twitter account known to also be a satire.

'Yeah well we all makes mistakes and there's been no harm done', tweeted the Lambertz wannabe. Someone immediately pointed out his mistake, but it was too late.

Conservative MP Henrik Ripa also got in the game, he too linking to the Daily Currant piece.

'Legalising narcotics can never be the right thing to do', posted Ripa.

And last but certainly not least: Sweden's own 'Auntie Violet', the minister for justice who's never practiced law, never passed a bar exam, never even got a degree in law, never got a degree even in pre-law, and who never got any degree in anything at all: Eva Karin Beatrice Ask.

One might ask why she would be chosen to safeguard one of the country's most sacred institutions. And one wouldn't be the first. Or last. The answer is probably that any routined jurist would also have a love for justice - something the current regime surely would find to be an obstacle.

Ask too included a link to the Daily Current piece on her Facebook page.

Totally chuffed with herself, Ask posted:

'Stupid and tragic. My first motion in the conservatives youth league was called 'CRUSH DRUGS!' And I have never changed my opinion.'

Run for Cover!

Beatrice Ask is, to the say the very least, not popular in Sweden. She's come with great ideas such as eliminating the courts to speed up convictions, posting court summons to suspects in violet envelopes to shame them in their community, and perhaps above all lying straight into the state television cameras when asked if she knew about US surveillance in Sweden.

But this Daily Currant buzz is definitely dangerous for the diminutive legal giant. Her office staff are already scrambling to come up with a good bullshit story.

Good luck with that.

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