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Complaint Filed Against Swedish Radio

Defamation of character by father of Elin Nordegren.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — A formal complaint was filed in the early hours with the Swedish Broadcasting Authority concerning a transmission earlier in the evening where show host Thomas Nordegren behaved irresponsibly during a tirade against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

As the complaint (a copy of which is in the possession of Rixstep) shows, Thomas Nordegren is namely the father of celebrity Elin Nordegren, once wife of golf superstar Tiger Woods. The person filing the complaint finds it curious that Nordegren has not, after suffering through his own ordeal in regard to his daughter's breakup with Woods, learned how damaging defamatory smears can be.

Nordegren cohosts Nordegren & Epstein i P1 together with Louise Epstein. Today's topic was 'Assange and the perception of Sweden'. Nordegren blamed Sweden's rapidly deteriorating image on the WikiLeaks founder, concluding 'we're all in agreement that Julian Assange behaved like a pig'.

Admitting he'd only recently read the documentation in the case, and running over his cohost and a London correspondent, Nordegren repeatedly cited incorrect details as absolute fact, finding it difficult to contain his hostility and lack of appreciation for jurisprudence.

The Complaint

Following is a copy of the complaint filed today. A translation follows.

Programme: Nordegren & Epstein i P1
Channel or station: Sveriges Radio program 1
Transmission date: 2014-02-11
Transmission time: 15:04 - approx 15:55

Tell us why you want the programme reviewed:
Statement by Thomas Nordegren:
'We're all in agreement that Julian Assange behaved like a pig.'
Link to transmission:
Timecode 13:20

As this is an ongoing criminal case with sealed investigations whereof only a portion has leaked onto the Internet, there is no basis or proof that Assange behaved objectionably. Additionally it's clear today that Assange attempted to protect the women from the ensuing media storm. Nordegren's statement is a direct smear against the private person of Julian Assange during an ongoing criminal investigation.

Thomas Nordegren has himself experience of defamation by virtue of his daughter Elin Nordegren who became the target of international attention as she was married to superstar Tiger Woods, so he if anyone should understand how easy it is to defame an individual. A participant in the programme also laments that he was not able to personally interview Assange, which may be one of the reasons for the defamation.

It is not the duty of state radio to spread rumours, nor is it their duty to preempt an ongoing judicial investigation.

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