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2000 Days

The Old World failed. It's only a matter of time.

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Sweden is now a rogue state. When the case of Assange in Sweden first broke on 20 August 2010, the world held its collective breath. Sweden fortuitously brought in their foremost prosecutor to clear up the mess and save what they could of the country's reputation.

Then the slumbering CIA woke.

Infamous attorney Claes Borgström was called in. He contacted his buddy Marianne Ny and soon the circus began again. People around the world could witness what sniveling bottom-dwellers the Swedes could be. Years of building international respect were dashed to smithereens. No one respects Sweden anymore. Myriad Swedish names, many of which were unpronounceable, suddenly became household names. Sweden was ridiculed the world over - and justifiably.

Today marks 2000 days that WikiLeaks genius Julian Assange is arbitrarily detained. The creatures from the dark have done their job. They want to turn the clock back - they want to 'unexpose' the lies and war crimes Assange and WikiLeaks exposed. They want to force the genii back in the bottle.

It won't work. They know it. But they simply have no other game plan. Even as the US tries desperately to start a war with Russia. The US knows only two strategies - football and poker. Brute force and bluffing. Too bad for them that Russia plays a game of chess. A game Julian Assange also plays.

A condom. This is all about a condom. And about twisting testimony into making a case where there is none. And yet look! The concerted US-controlled forces of the world combine to create a framework to keep Julian Assange stuck in an embassy. Arbitrarily detained now for 2000 days.

2000 days is 5.4758185116615 years. Read that again. Later this year that figure will reach 6 years flat. Has the US stopped Julian Assange or WikiLeaks? Look at the facts. WikiLeaks defeated the extrajudicial financial blockade. WikiLeaks is solvent like never before. WikiLeaks continues to churn out important revelations.

WikiLeaks got Edward Snowden to safety.

No one's been able to match the track record of WikiLeaks because no one else wants to work solely in the public interest. Not many of them have close to the technical chops either. The 'old journalism' tried the 'submission system' and failed time and again. Perhaps the most embarrassing fail of all was the 'Panama Papers' release. What should have been a torrential downpour pinning the Richter needle turned into a drizzle. Old journalism is dead - and the US knows it. Sucking up to the White House can no longer bring in the big headlines or the big bucks. The people are onto them.

Today people have their eyes on 3 Hans Crescent in Knightsbridge in London. There a white-haired Australian and a drop-dead cute kitten are perhaps right now looking out the window at their supporters outside.

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