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Sweden's Legendary Social Democrats on Brink of Collapse

But Sweden Democrats continue to surge.

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DUCKPOND (Radsoft) — Several surveys in the month of May show that the party of Olof Palme is crashing and burning. At the same time, the Sweden Democrats continue to surge. National elections are in September.

Although surveys oftentimes prove unreliable, the concurrence of survey results in May is quite clear: the party of Olof Palme is losing more and more ground, whilst the Sweden Democrats continue to gain.

The latest survey, conducted by IPSOS on behalf of Bonnier DN.se, and which contacted 1,818 voters, once again shows this clear trend.

Social Democrats: 24% (-2)
Moderates: 22% (+1)
Sweden Democrats: 20% (+3)
Centre Party: 9% (-3)
Left Party: 9% (+1)
Liberal Party: 5% (+-0)
Christian Democrats: 4% (+1)
Greens: 4% (+-0)

The Social Democrats are legendary for making Sweden a post-war paradise, with equitable distribution of wealth. Much of the country's wealth comes from its neutrality during World War II and, consequently, its ability to contribute to the reconstruction of continental Europe.

Recent survey results. Olof Palme's party (red) plummet whilst 'MSGA' party Sweden Democrats continue to rise.

Sweden brought the modern 'welfare state' mainstream, going one better than 'socialist' countries like Great Britain, guaranteeing under law not only a minimum standard of living but a decent standard of living.

An agronomic society with no middle class, Sweden outgrew the imperatives of Hansson, Erlander, and Palme. With no clear platform, and with no leadership, the party has long foundered. More and more it's the Sweden Democrats who want to 'Make Sweden Great Again'.

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