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COVID Vaccines: Fun Facts 2 & 3

'When we were kids we were punished for lying. Now we're punished for telling the truth.'

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See this as background.


That details how Doctor Pierre Kory revealed what's been going on at the seats of government.

The FLCCC now corroborate Pierre's statement. And now so does Doctor Simone Gold.

The screenshots.

Anyway. That's two further fun facts. Thanks, FLCCC and Simone.

You really want to visit the 'World Ivermectin Day' website.


Then you want to visit the website of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance and pick up their protocols. Most of those drugs are dirt-cheap. They've been saving hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, already. See you count yourself and everyone you know amongst them.


It takes a fortnight - two weeks, a mere fourteen (14) days - to eradicate COVID-19 completely and forever. That's what the science says.

But expect Big Pharma and their friends (Fauci et al) to give you maximum possible resistance. Don't let them win.

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