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Ivermectin Stories (1)

Finally it's getting out.

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Some of the best links are at the FLCCC. But there are others.

How Ivermectin Saved Louis Gossett Jr

This is from the Substack of Michael Capuzzo, a very mainstream writer who finally broke ranks and had his wife publish his seminal story of Ivermectin. (It's linked below.)

Everyone knows of Emil Foley. Who can forget him? Louis won an Oscar for that role, very deservedly.

Here's one of the most iconic scenes in that movie.(They're all iconic. This one has two million views.)

Louis lives in Atlanta today. He's eight-five years old. And he's built like an Abrams tank.

Here's his testimony and 'thank you' to Ivermectin and the FLCCC for saving his life.

FLCCC: How actor Louis Gossett Jr survived COVID-19

Here's Michael Capuzzo's breakthrough story on Ivermectin and the FLCCC.

The Drug that Cracked COVID

Here's Michael's preamble and 'call to arms'.

The Story of the Cover Story

And finally here's the inside story of how a few 'angels', as Louis calls them, saved his life - a tale of how we all must work together to save each other.


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