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Midnight Drive

Tone and texture. The ultimate make-out song.

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David Grissom's 'Midnight Drive' was mentioned in an article donkeys years ago about a startup called Tunerec. Coming across that article again brought back faint memories of how unbelievably good the track was. But little beyond that.

YouTube has what seems to be a new upload, the final track on David Grissom's debut album.

David Grissom's worked with the best and is most admired for his tone and texture.

This needs good headphones.

Come here baby, take my hand
Taste the whisky on my lips, I think you understand

Let's get lost in the moment, it'll be OK
Nobody has to know, we can just slip away

Come with me tonight on a Midnight Drive
Show me what it's like to really be alive
Whisper how you want me now baby
Come with me on a Midnight Drive

I want to leave the world behind when the night begins
I want to see the Northern Lights shining on your skin

Come with me tonight
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