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Apple's Big Event Was A Non-Event

You choose. Because they know you'll pay.

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Here's Apple's interim CEO Tim Cook standing in a weed patch.

Outside Apple's new circular spaceship on the right. Wherever that is.

(The bull was successfully kept at a distance thanks to the Highway Patrol.)

Skip this part. Cook never looked worse. He's no Steve Jobs. Not in any way.

You need about twenty minutes to get all that's of interest. Skip the uncharismatic Cook in the beginning and skip to the hardware part. Stop when you get to slimy Craig. You've then seen all to be seen.

The hardware may amaze you. On paper. Two new chips. The more powerful one (?) has 57 billion transistors. So lockdowns work after all!

You can get the feeble M1 Pro or go for the superlative M1 Max whose logo comes in fashionable purple. You choose.

Consider putting Linux Mint on it. Otherwise you have to contend with the Gatekeeper at Apple's Walled Garden.

You choose.

Prices start at $1999 and go up to $3499. Because they know you'll pay.

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