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Queen for a Day

For seven hours at least.

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STOCKHOLM SWEDEN (Radsoft) — The notorious Glass Ceiling™. Not certain yet if it was Kosta Boda or Orrefors. But Sweden finally broke through. Sort of. For seven hours anyway.

Every other country in Scandinavia's had a female prime minister. As if gender matters. But they have. And successfully too.

But not the World's First Feminist Superpower! A movement backed by ABBA's Benny Andersson who helped finance a party whose regular party congress chants included 'cut all men into little pieces!'

But now they had one. Magdalena Andersson, aka 'Washer Woman' for her droopy coiffure, who'd previously been minister for finance.

The good news of course was that Stefan was finally leaving. The by far worst state leader anywhere in modern times, he'd finally accumulated enough dirty capital to make a run for the exits. So his party, hanging onto power with a minority mandate of - wait for it - 35%, had to appoint a new leader, and thereby a new PM. They chose Magdalena.

Under these circumstances in topsy-turvy Sweden, if you want to be PM, you don't need the people behind you. Fuck the people - we're a democracy, dammit! You don't even need the parliament behind you. You only need the majority of MPs not against you!

But even this was tough.

Amineh Kakabaveh

Enter Amineh Kakabaveh. She's from Iran. She used to be a member of the Left party until they booted her out. And Amineh supports murderous militias back home. Not very Swedish.

She's also advocated 100% (one hundred percent) tax on those earning more than $40,000 per month.

But Amineh still has a seat in parliament until the next election. So her vote was up for grabs. And Magdalena grabbed it. By promising support for Amineh's murderous friends.

174 to 175: that's how the voting went. Only 174 MPs were against Magdalena, whereas 175 either didn't vote at all, typically played hookey - or, in a few cases, voted in support. So Magdalena was Sweden's new PM.

This was accomplished by 10:02 this morning. The parliament had convened at 09:00 sharp - but, as is common in the world of politics where wasting time is a high-priority occupation, several party leaders took a few minutes to ascend to the podium and put everyone back to sleep again.

All but Jimmie kesson.

The leader of the Sweden Democrats was concise and to the point as always, explaining why he and his party could not support such corruption, but - as he seemed to be leaving the podium - he added one final remark.

Namely that if Magdalena insisted on keeping the disastrous Greens (Swedish AOCs) in her cabinet, Jimmie would immediately call for a vote of no confidence, and everyone there knew he'd win, so horrific have the Greens - and in particular Per Bolund - been.

So, for a few hours, Magdalena was Queen for a Day. Then the task of the afternoon session was upon them - voting on the budget.

$2 Billion

$2 billion was at stake. Jimmie's Sweden Democrats had for the first time been able to help form an opposition budget that gave more to the poor and homeless, where Magdalena's budget would have typically wasted billions on things like 'organising courses in equity' in India. Jimmie's Sweden Democrats really care about the people of Sweden, in contrast to Magdalena, which is why so many have fled from Magdalena to Jimmie over the years.

Jimmie's budget - together with two other parties - was ratified by the parliament in the afternoon session.

So Per Bolund of the Greens resigned.

And then Magdalena resigned.

The Prime Minister of Sweden, the country's first female leader, was there for only seven hours. She refused to follow a budget that took care of the poor and homeless.

The Glass Ceiling™ was at most cracked. Perhaps. No one's actually seen a crack yet. A Glass Repair outlet should be able to take care of it.


Some people are happy, especially Rebecka Fallenkvist of Riks, a woman with a low tolerance for stupidity.

Here she is, jubilant that the Greens will no longer be in government. Go Sweden!

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