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29 Reasons to Not Get Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista hits (assaults) consumers on 30 January 2007. Starting with New Years Day that gives you twenty nine days to think about the big mistake you're about to make.

Every day of January 2007 until Microsoft Windows Vista is released you can read yet another good reason why it's not a good idea to get it.

3 January 2007 Reason #3: It's User-Hostile.

A long time ago (but not so long in Bill Gates' haunted memory) Bill Gates decided to steal the Macintosh interface and design and make them his own. There's been a lot of talk about this over the years, and the general consensus seems to be that Bill and Steve Jobs both 'stole' from Xerox PARC.

But there's one important distinction: Steve Jobs had permission to enter Xerox PARC, but Bill Gates went behind Steve Jobs' back. If Steve Jobs copied, then Bill Gates stole: he used Mac prototypes he'd been given by Jobs to build Multiplan - but he and his fellow crooks spent more time working on their coming Windows instead.

All of which is mentioned for the sake of one very salient point: Bill Gates is a terrible crook. Here he was, with Macintosh prototypes, and he still couldn't get it right.

The Mac interface is 'object oriented' - even more so today. And so it offers the user a level of performance Microsoft's pale copy can never approach.

And if you don't 'get it' - if you don't grasp that you're using third rate software - then it's just too bad. And sad. But you are. And you should give yourself a chance to see how the rest of the planet are doing.

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