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29 Reasons to Not Get Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista hits (assaults) consumers on 30 January 2007. Starting with New Years Day that gives you twenty nine days to think about the big mistake you're about to make.

Every day of January 2007 until Microsoft Windows Vista is released you can read yet another good reason why it's not a good idea to get it.

23 January 2007 Reason #23: National Security.

No matter what country you live in, count on your government being aware of the dangers in using Microsoft products and plotting an 'escape route' away from them. Everywhere - from the United States to the Far East - governments are taking a serious scary look at what it means for their national security to be using Microsoft products.

The US Government Accountability Office long ago (before the new millennium) warned that use of Microsoft products could jeopardise security. A US naval battleship was left crippled for thirty minutes at sea because a Microsoft product had crashed - what would have happened in the heat of battle? [Don't think: the thought's too terrible.]

Gary McKinnon went on a search for evidence of a UFO coverup and told the press how easy this was: he was poking into Windows computers with their nonexistent security.

Nations in the Far East have long since abandoned the thought of supporting Windows as it's not only 'closed source' and not only because of the recurring rumours of 'back doors' planted there at the request of the NSA but primarily because the code is so bad and any kindergarten hacker can break in within seconds.

And Amit Yoran, formerly head of the US National Cybersecurity Divison of the US Department of Homeland Security, told the world in his last official act in office they should not use Microsoft products and that it was an urgent matter of national security - echoing the warnings of about every concerned security netizen on the planet.

No matter what country you live in and what country you most love: you don't want that country's welfare threatened any more than you want your own. So do the patriotic thing. You really really so do not want Vista.

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