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Best of the Millennium

1 January 2000

Picks for the best of everything for the past one thousand years.

Best Ales

Abbott's. Director's. IPA. Old Speckled Hen.

Best Beers

Anything Belgian.

Best Celebrations

London. Sydney.

Best Comebacks

Steve Jobs.

Best Compilers

cc. gcc. Lattice C.

Best Computers

Crystal Palace. W.O.P.R.

Best Computer Games

Adventure. Burger Time. Global Thermonuclear War. Space Travel.

Best Computer Keyboards

IBM's 3270. IBM's APL. IBM's original PC. Sinclair Spectrum's.

Best Computer-Related Job

Ringing the wake-up bells in Lhasa.

Best Computer Trojans

Internet Explorer.

Best Computer Viruses

COPYIIPC. Form. Windows.

Best Desserts

Angela's Mum's Cheese Cake. Spotted Dick for the name alone. Tirami Su.

Best Discoveries

Berkeley's of ETI. Bill Gates' of Tim Paterson. IBM's of Microsoft. Steve Johnson's of DMR running up and down the stairs. Silicon. XYZZY.

Best Drinks

Bowmore's 29yo. Bubbly from the Dom. Classic Fransk Rost. Darjeeling. Jolt. Julmust.

Best Geek Foods

Anything Chinese. English Sunday carveries. Sicilian. Thanksgiving Day Turkey. Swedish Julbord.

Best Geek Forums

RISKS Digest. /..

Best Geek Mistresses

Lord Byron's daughter.

Best Geek Movie or TV Scenes

Peggy Bundy placing a flower vase on her PC monitor. Al Bundy smashing Peggy's PC with a baseball bat.

Best Geek Movies

Bladerunner. The Empire Strikes Back. A New Hope. WarGames.

Best Hotels

The Balmoral, Edinburgh. Den Bonten Os, Keerbergen. The Georges V, Paris. The Grand, Stockholm. The Lime Tree, London.

Best Inventions

The 4004. B. BCPL. Hollerith's census system. The modem. The pocket calculator. The New B. root. Shockley's Transmitter-Resistor. The sticky bit.

Best News Items

The Linux user who paid Microsoft's InterNIC fee. The August 2 Microsoft hacker's challenge. The DOJ outcome.

Best Operating Systems


Best Places on Earth

Alice Springs. The Bahamas. The Cotswolds. Felixstowe. Keerbergen. Les Sables. Lier. London. The Maldives. Milton. Stockholm.

Best Programs

cc. csh. diff. ined. ksh. pccm. ROM II. SETI@Home. sh. yacc.

Best Programmers

Seymour Cray. Grace Hopper. Andi Höller. Rob Keir. BWK. DMR. Ken. The Woz.

Best Programming Books

The original K/R. The July 1975 BSTJ. The Software Tools Series. Alice in Wonderland.

Best Programming Languages

APL. C. FORTRAN. Microcode. Objective-C.

Best Pubs

The Bear of Rodborough. The Ebury Wine Bar. The Red Lion in Brinkley. The Wild Duck.

Best Quotes

'Your batteries are running low.' '640K ought to be enough for anybody.' 'A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?' 'What's the difference?' 'Hey, I don't believe that any system is totally secure.' 'I don't know but it's great.'

Best Red Wines

Chateau Lafite Rothschild. Almost any Chianti.

Best Restaurants

ASK at Victoria. The Ebury Wine Bar. The Five Miles from Anywhere No Hurry Riverside Inn. Leopardi. The Pink Geranium. The Red Lion in Brinkley.

Best Room Service

The Balmoral, Edinburgh.

Best TV Series

Fawlty Towers. Monte Python's Flying Circus.

Best Websites

GeekTools.com. Magister-Lex.at. NEWS.com. /.

Best White Wines

Australian Chardonnay. Chateau d'Yquem.

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