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Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do?

    Doo-do-do dum-dooby do-dum-dum
    Come-a-come-a dum-dooby do-dum-dum
    Come-a-come-a dum-dooby do-dum-dum
    Breakin' up is hard to do
   - H Greenfield

9 April 2000
Both Jim Barksdale and Scott McNealy, CEOs of the principal victims of the Microsoft Monopoly Bash, have already gone public and recommended the US government break Microsoft up. But this is highly unlikely despite its clear 'return on investment'.

The CEOs of Apple, Compaq, Dell, Gateway and IBM have all refused comment, and the reason, say those who purport to be in the know, may perhaps be found in the November Findings of Fact: MS penalises business partners who don't dance their waltz.

Several hardware OEMs have begun to express an interest in bundling Linux - but here again there's a reticence and a hesitancy: they fear the continuing threat from an unbridled Redmond.

This is what the case looks like at the moment. This batch all comes from News.com.

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