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A quick recap of the events leading up to the conflict.

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  • The US has been planning to introduce a resolution against China for some time at the United Nations in Geneva. The resolution will remark on China's less than shining record in human rights.

  • The US has been on the edge of responding to a Taiwanese request for high-grade advanced weapons systems, which the Chinese warn US representatives could result in an all-out full-blown straits war.

  • In March, USA-based researcher Gao Zhan and her American husband and son were detained when trying to board a plane in Beijing back to the US. As both Zhan's husband and son are USA nationals, China was asking for it when it refused to notify USA authorities of the arrests.

  • On April Fool's of all days a Chinese fighter plane harasses and then collides with an American EP-3 spy plane in what most experts agree must have been international waters. The Chinese pilot is so reckless he loses his life in the incident - and of course the USA is blamed for this.

  • The EP-3 is forced to make an emergency landing in China and the crew is held for what many felt was an unnecessarily long time.

  • The EP-3 plane itself is yet to be returned to the US.

  • PoisonBOx defaces hundreds of Chinese sites; the Chinese hackers at H.U.C. and other organisations threaten to retaliate.

  • Qingnian Jie approaches and several US govt websites are hit; on May 5 both the White House and Gibson Research are hit by attacks.

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