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Jackson's Hammer

3 April 2000
Judge TP let it fall - on Bill and the boys. He didn't exactly mince words either. Microsoft stock dropped US$80 billion, Bill's personal wealth fell US$12 billion, Microsoft dropped behind GE and Cisco, even Starbucks felt the crunch - and NASDAQ had its worst one day drop ever.

The Bureaux

Here are the package lead-ins for the DOJ/MS story from the world's major news bureaux.

Forbes LA Times London Telegraph Seattle Times SiliconValley.com
Sunspot (Maryland) The Times (London) USA Today Washington Post Wired

The Documents

Here are the case documents directly from the DOJ and the SIIA. Click on each to download (you will not leave this site).

Amicus Curiae (HTML) Amicus Curiae (PDF) Findings of Fact (HTML) Findings of Fact (PDF)
Conclusions of Law (HTML) Conclusions of Law (PDF)
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