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Demonstrating Genuine Leadership

21 January 2003
Only a card-carrying member of the US RNC could conceive of such nonsense.

Riddle: What do Trevor Carlson, John Pinckney, Stephanie Johnson, Sherry Collins, David Bednarski, Nick Koszykowski, Sue Miller, Chuck and Leah Williams, Kyle Klink, Sarah Kocal, David O'Grady, Suzie Clary, Derick Mfoafo, Sandra Rauschhuber, Edward T Kranick, Scott L Herrin, and Michael Snyder have in common?

Answer: They don't exist; and if they do, they're the most mindless morons ever to want to back the Republican Party of the United States.

In a precedented move begun again last weekend, the Republican National Committee has been attacking major news organisations with what can only be described as a typically brain-free, fantasy-free astroturfing campaign, the purpose of which is to poison the media and to give the false impression that:

  1. Republicans backing Bush are intelligent, can spell, and can formulate coherent (American) English; and
  2. Bush is a good guy.

What they instead have proven is that:

  1. They are total unqualified morons because:
  2. A simple search at Google exposes them.

No one has yet bothered to figure out whether these people are real; in a very significant sense of the word, they can't be real anyway. What is amazing is that Republicans are so dumb as to copy standard RNC horse puckey verbatim and publish it around the US with phony signatures - phony at least in the respect that not everyone on this 'ultimate losers' list could have penned the exact same 130-word article.

The only reasonably creative mind is the last - Michael Snyder - who perhaps was the incentive to the other attacks. And the weird thing about this is that no matter how you play it, it is truly dismal. Mindless morons backing Bush? Yes, but doesn't this about clinch it? Or Göbbels-like propaganda? It's almost worse, but is it?

Either way it's bad, very bad.

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