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We're not going to be the Flying Wallendas in the business. We have a big responsibility to our shareholder base and to our employees. And we're never going to violate that.
 - Gary Winnick 1999

WorldCom has a solid base of bill-paying customers, strong fundamentals, a solid balance sheet, manageable leverage, and nearly $10 billion in available liquidity. Bankruptcy or a credit default is not a concern.
 - Bernie Ebbers February 7, 2002

It's got to be admitted, we have destroyed more investor value than in any other industry, ever.
 - William Esrey, CEO Sprint

These men and women destroy lives. They pursue their fortunes the way an addict pursues a score - mindlessly and without consideration for others. They belong to a special elite group where ego and greed are everything. It's a very exclusive club, where no member can ever trust another and yet all must revel together and pretend to be carefree.

This is their story.

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