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Table of Contents

Welcome to the feast.

Prologue About This Series The Short and Sweet The Big Picture
Class Actions Market Alert Philip Anschutz Aquasition
Making Out Like Bandits Bankruptcy Tracker Joseph Berardino Henry Blodget
Warren Buffett CDOs Checkmate Dick Cheney
James Crowe Bernie Ebbers Fudge Global Crossing
The Emperor of Greed Jack Grubman Carl Icahn IRUs
Telecom Junkyard Kenneth Lay Local Loops Michael Milken
WorldCom's Mirage Joe Nacchio No Bids for GBLX Roy Olofson
Predators Ball RBOCs John Rigas Gary Winnick
George W Bush Chuck Watson Gary Winnick 2 WorldCom
Kurosawa Revisited Bill Esrey High and Mighty Crooked Victims of Greed

Special Report: The Untouchables »

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