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Steve Gibson Author of Exactly What?

July 13, 2001 6:54 PM UTC

Steve Gibson seems to have a habit of coming up with ideas for products but never delivering on them. Examples are:

Hyper Speed Port Scanner
Never seen the light of day despite being announced a year ago.

A kind of super privacy guard/firewall add-on thing - announced at the start of the year. No mention of it since.

His low level packet driver to do TCP SYN scans and such. Announced at the end of last year but no sign of it ever being incorporated into his Shields Up! service.

Shields Up! Version 2
Supposed upgrade of this service to perform deeper and more thorough scanning using his Nanoprobe technology. Hinted at for a year or so on his Shields Up! pages but nothing delivered.

Leaktest Version 2
With the ability to really frighten you with its ability to bypass all current firewalls. No sign of it.

The Solution to DDoS Attacks
Despite the industry having the means to control such attacks for several years he seems to want to create his own 'invention' and solution. Of course, nothing forthcoming despite the announcement.

And the list goes on. He should stop coming up with new 'inventions' and actually take the time to complete a task for once. When you see how long he has been around on the Internet and the sum of his product output then it makes you wonder exactly what he HAS been doing all this time - other than creating a lot of noise and flashy web pages.


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