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August 11, 2001 4:14 AM - 7:37 AM UTC

This is lovely. First the fearful führer announces:

The project I've been secretly working on for many weeks -- while frantically racing the clock to bring this to Microsoft's attention before it's too late -- is completed and ready for the world.


Then, just three hours later:

I'll need to pull and retool the SocketToMe pages!

Robin Keir of Foundstone quickly tested my idea of the non-privileged user getting 'leaked' permission -- and his test pushed it farther than my 'SocketToMe' test had.

Although such a user IS able to create a 'Raw' socket, both his test and my follow up confirm that it can't be used after creation. (Which is a good thing for Windows raw socket security!)

So ... SORRY for the false alarm. I will pull the pages, do some more research, and figure out where that leaves me and where it makes sense to go from here!

The world waits with bated breath.

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