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Xmas of Death Approaches!

December 23, 2001 4:46 PM UTC
Only minutes remain before our imminent destruction...

Lest we forget, techno hypemeister and latter-day Charlie McCarthy Steve 'Steverino' Gibson has predicted, all year long, that this holiday season would bring with it a Christmas of Death, all because the illicit, inherently evil power of Microsoft Windows XP was unleashed on the world.

Well, the world is waiting, and you are encouraged to huddle here with your respected friends in the Final Hours, and radsoft.net promise to bring you the latest on this Total Armageddon.

And if, despite its great unlikelihood, this cataclysmic event should not occur - well then! What will that say about the great 100% Pure Assembly Language programmer?

Oh we all know it was all hype from the beginning; we all know 'Steverino' was put up to it by one of his more financially solvent colleagues; but still and all - has everyone forgotten? We cannot forget: We are watching news happen as we speak. We are watching the final test of one of the biggest e-frauds of all times.

  • If the Internet goes under;
  • If we are suddenly deluged by raw sockets exploits that destroy the very fabric of the societies in which we live;

Who is this? Why is his picture here?Then Steverino will have been proven to be right after all.

  • If however the above does not occur;

Then we may safely draw our own conclusions as to Gibson's integrity.

Oh, and for the record, things appear to be drying up at GRC.com. Latest is an application using Steve's patented Lego Assimilation Modular Engineering (LAME) paradigm which does, at considerable footprint, what Netcraft has been doing all along with no footprint at all, and Spike and Spike7 have been doing for years, with an additional ELEVEN functions thrown in, for only THIRTEEN KILOBYTES (13KB) ON DISK.

But if you want Steverino's useless freebie, then by all means drop on over. No warranties given against mental damage due to Sesame Street attacks...

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