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And They All Lived Happily Ever After

August 21, 2000 10:30 PM UTC
And so ends one of the biggest Keystone Kops sagas in Internet history. Charges were finally dropped against Onel de Guzman, suspected of contributing to the release of the ILOVEYOU worm and its associated Barok trojan.

Onel admitted he might have 'inadvertently' contributed to the release of the worm, a statement which still has security experts scratching their heads.

No one will ever produce a good tally of the damage, but the lessons to be learned are there for the taking. Such a shame then that no one is reading up on them.

And the new computer law signed by ERAP in June as a result of ILOVEYOU is of course after the fact. And that is just as well, say radsoft.net, casting an eye westward to Redmond, as Onel is not really the one to blame anyway.

Wired's Lynn Burke rounds it up.


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