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You've Got a Friend

May 11, 2000 0:30 AM UTC
All the while Billg and friends continue to innovate, the threats get worse.

The latest is the 'Friend' worm, which is highly effective, and completely destroys any operating system.

Radsoft have verified this worm 'works as advertised'.

The method used is admirably simple: it is activated like the other ILOVEYOU worms, but in this case it doesn't bother about overwriting files - just one: AUTOEXEC.BAT. And what does it put in this file? Well very simply, it puts in a few commands that completely delete the Windows and system directories.

Cute, huh? Thank Billg for making this innovation possible. Thank Billg as well for deciding that Windows users are no longer entitled to Windows CDs either!

And just a thought - put this together with Leigh Stivers' Outlook bug and - what do you got? You got a program so stealthy and so destructive, that thanks to the innovative technology of Microsoft can schedule the deletion of your complete Windows setup without your ever being aware of it.

Again - thank you, Billg. And again - get a new email client quick!


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