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Magical Vista Tour

Roll out for the Vista tour!
 - J Lemon, P MacArchie

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September 2005 - December 2006?
It's begun: the psychological warfare predicted on these pages as those software engineering geniuses - and convicted monopolists - get closer to unleashing their next cataclysmic bomb on the planet.

Magical Vista Tour

A collection of the best Magical Vista blurbs.

Hi I'm Rob Enderle

Thanks to our leak for finding this document. Evidently Mr Quotemill has changed sides. This speech is evidently slated for a coming Linux expo.

My Opinion

A new agony aunt column by famous tech analyst Rob Enderle.

About Rob Enderle

The way to success and riches. Follow his life. Learn. Rob now has his own column, My Opinion, where he discusses his life and the issues you find important today.

Bug Free Code™

A new de novo innovation from Microsoft Corporation.

Wintel Hardware Quality

Windows isn't enough of an insult: the physical machines have to be junk as well.

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