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Roll out for the Vista tour!
 - J Lemon, P MacArchie

The Beatles are the most successful commercial recording artists in the history of successful commercial recording artists. If you had a nickel for every one of their nickels, you'd have a lot of nickels.

But the Beatles are fallible. They are capable of fiasco. And this was never more dramatically demonstrated than with their made for television movie Magical Vista Tour. Presuming they had the golden touch with everything and not just music, they went off on an ad hoc bus ride and did - almost literally nothing.

And their computers crashed all over the place. It was a terrible ride.

The finished product was so putrid the BBC canceled the scheduled Boxing Day broadcast. The Beatles finally failed at something.

Brian Eno of Roxy Music was contracted by Bill Gates to make the 6.12 second 'Microsoft Sound' for the release of Windows 95 ten years ago. He has repeated his performance with the all new Microsoft Vista sound, a small preview of which is available at this site.

Finally, 'Mister' Bill Gates has again contracted a leading rock music marketing agency to get a music track for his taskbar Start button, the new lyrics of which are included here as well.

Bill Aid

Popular recording artists have banded together to help Mister Bill and Rob Enderle with the Magical Vista Tour rollout. A special edition CD is underway. Some of the lyrics to the songs included in this collection are available here.

Another Day with Parasites
Billy Gates
The Final Letdown
Windows Windows

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