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My New Year's Wish

'Our country must begin its period of healing.'

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It's impossible to do justice to the words of Katerina Janouch. There's just something about her incredibly powerful vocabulary and, above all, her uncanny ability to strike at the nerve of the people - to always find a way to say what they'd say, and to always go them one better.

That being said, here's an attempt.

My New Year's Wish

The year 2019 has come to an end. One lasting impression of the year gone by: Stefan Löfven is washed up. He's done for. How he has, in a relatively short time, succeeded in catastrophically misgoverning, destroying, undermining, crushing, polarising, splitting, and - to say it outright - sabotaging Sweden: there is no parallel, not in this country and most likely not in the world at large either. We have been given a Cabinet from Hell that hates the very people they govern (but who helped them into power). The good news is that more and more people are waking up and have come to realise that the clowns running the country have to be gone. Hopefully this will happen already next year, for Sweden will not survive three more years, until the next scheduled election, with Stefan Löfven and his friends. They're not only woefully distanced from reality - they're downright lethal for Sweden.

Just this past weekend we received the news that Italy will now warn their tourists about traveling to Sweden, what with all the bombings, the murders, and the rapes. WAG Oksana Wilhelmsson spoke to the media about how she's decided to keep her family in Dubai so that her children won't get their heads kicked in by the preteen gangs in Sweden, as happened to a Swedish boy the same weekend, south of the capital.

Those are only a couple of the latest firecrackers for the Swedish seasonal celebrations. All year long we've been overwhelmed by all the failures of Stefan Löfven, who turned a once proud and successful Sweden into a banana republic. Your news source, please, the matronly middle-aged SJWs like to say, but there are many many sources, there are sources everywhere, right there in the your mainstream media, all day, all night, 24/7. Sources that explain that most municipalities in the country have gone broke or will soon go broke. All the money being squandered on bizarre projects and on welfare migrants who see Sweden as their very own cashpoint. Sources for the fact that criminal gangs are plundering the Swedish people of everything they own - criminal tourism is thriving. Sources that corroborate that criminal immigrants never get expelled. Sources for the fact that six imams, assessed by the security police to be a threat to the nation, are today walking the streets of Sweden, a country they proclaim to hate, as free men. Sources for the decisions to build new and bigger mosques and indoctrination centres for fundamental radical islam in Sweden, all to be financed by fundamental radical islamist investors from abroad. Sources for the fact that weapons and ammunition have been stolen from the safe of the prime minister himself, and on several occasions. Sources that corroborate that we have illegal immigrants in Sweden - hundreds of thousands of them. That more than 5000 Swedish passports are 'lost' every month, to be quickly replaced with new passports, to the delight of the human traffickers. Sources that reveal that about 45% of the over 870,000 people in Sweden without a social security number have not bothered to even identify themselves with the authorities. The police and the tax authority began sounding the alarm years ago, but nothing's been done about it. 'We no longer have any way of knowing who is living here', said Marit Murphy Handelberg of the border police. Oh yeah, amongst other things, we've had Iraq's minister for defence and an Iraqi cabinet minister living in Sweden under false pretences and receiving benefits month after month! At the expense of the Swedish taxpayers. It's complete chaos. And the government can't muster the wherewithal to do a thing about it.

A few more tidbits perhaps. There's so much to read these days about what Stefan Löfven has done to Sweden.

Already two years ago, Anders Björkenheim, an expert in combatting fraud, told Sweden's minister for finance Magdalena Andersson that the Swedish social security system was being systematically exploited. The authorities and agencies have been aware of this for a long time, but they've chosen not to act, says Anders Björkenheim. One may ask what this costs our society? The criminal world exploits this political laziness of course. They register as living at fake addresses, they send Swedish money abroad, they finance even more criminality. The incompetence of Magdalena Andersson is enough to make one scream. This is the same Magdalena Andersson who now once again wants to raise taxes in Sweden. She should be tossed out of cabinet and never again given a position of responsibility in the country.

Then we have all the other muppets and elves, those who best of all like to empathise with criminals and turn their backs on victims. Morgan Johansson, minister for justice and minister for immigration at the same time, naturally with no qualifications for either position: during his time in cabinet, the violence in Sweden has exploded, both figuratively and literally. Our national bomb squads have to continually crisscross the country, they're understaffed, people are being murdered, being shot, being assaulted, being robbed, being raped, and everything gets blown up all over the place, all the time, in Linköping, in Helsingborg, in Malmö, in Stockholm, in Gothenburg, in Örebro, everywhere, everywhere, daytime, nighttime, Sweden stands out in international criminal statistics. So what does Morgan Johansson do? Oh yeah, he's going to hunt down Swedes who already have licensed weapons, hunters that is, Morgan and his sidekick Mikael Damberg are going to concentrate on antique weapons and cartridges? It's so sick that I can't find the words.

What happened with their 'we're going to hunt those gangs down to the ends of the earth'? Those gangs are laughing themselves silly. They're still selling drugs, they're still murdering their rivals. The police abdicated long ago. We saw this recently in Trollhättan, where the police let masked gangs take over and lay down the law. And then their idea that maybe if they just treated those criminal leaders to PIZZA... Yeah, that was a great idea, about as brilliant as trying to save a leaking Titanic with scotch tape. The bosses in the police department - not real policemen either, but political appointees - are of course the ones ultimately responsible. They continue to bellow out platitudes and propaganda, all the while the Swedish people continue to suffer and die. They all know that the ghettos must be purged of criminal clans. And they need to lease prison space abroad, because all of Sweden's prisons are already full. Otherwise this civil war situation will continue...

All of the institutions that are supposed to take care of our society: they've all fallen apart, thanks to Stefan Löfven. The fire brigades? Hospital staff? Doctors and nurses? They're quitting their jobs in protest. Their situation has become untenable. Our emergency rooms have to take care of the gangs that get shot up. They often have to do this under direct threat. Those who remain working in the hospitals will soon be expected to wear bulletproof vests...

And: they're shutting down vital energy sources like nuclear power. This is directly destructive. About 40% of our electricity comes from nuclear power, and about half comes from the plant in Ringhals. There are 1313 people employed at Ringhals as of 1 January 2019, which makes the plant the biggest employer in the area. But now they want to shut Ringhals down. For financial reasons? On New Year's Eve, one of the four reactors at Ringhals will be turned off. The year after, another reactor will be turned off. But Sweden already is running short of electricity. So what is Stefan Löfven doing?

But it's probably the public deception and lies about immigration that's the worst of it. The number of residence permits granted in the first nine months of 2019: 89,120. So for the whole year we'll be up at around 118,000. One of the highest levels ever. From the report from the Migration Authority we see that they've granted 89,120 residence permits. That's more than at almost any time in Sweden's history. And Sweden's borders are wide open, this despite the cries for help from the border police. Even Denmark reacted: now they have border controls on their side. Sweden's namely been 'enriching' Denmark with 'Swedish' criminal day-trippers who go over to Copenhagen to murder and blow things up...

I could write a book about this. About all the disasters of Stefan Löfven. I could write about the pensioners who are evicted from their homes in order to make room for 'newcomers'. About the small children who are forced to wear hijab, children being sexualised for the sake of radical islam. About the way the Swedish Social Democrats work with islamists, who are let loose into Swedish authorities and agencies and other strategic positions in our society, people who pose a direct threat to our free secular nation. About how they let suburban caliphates grow, places where the clans rule, enforcing sharia law, places like Norrby in Borås, a part of Sweden that can no longer be regarded as a part of Sweden. About how they also betray Swedish values and mores, yet attack those who love their country and their flag. About the demographic shifts taking place, so that Swedes will soon be a minority in their own country. It's both aggravating and saddening to see that Sweden will no longer be Swedish, despite what the Swedish people themselves want.

For the year 2020, I have but one thing to wish for, and that is that the fiasco government of Stefan Löfven be forced from office, and those responsible for this disastrous situation in Sweden be brought to justice. No one wants the current government. No one wants those undereducated, incompetent, lazy, power-hungry, anti-Swedish idiots pissing on people's heads. We need new legislation. We need to purge our authorities and agencies of all those batshit leftist extremist SJWs. The madness must end. Our country must begin its period of healing.

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