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Stefan's Rumble

Go and hide, Stefan.

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Stefan says Sweden is 'rumbling'. He must be deaf. We already know he has the intellect of a sun-dried turd, but he must be deaf too.

Rumbling, Stefan? How about bombing? How about the screams of the women, the children, the elderly who are beaten robbed, raped, murdered?

How about the moans of the sick who can no longer get healthcare?

How about the despair of the elderly who watch how you destroyed the country they worked all their lives to build up?

Sweden had cradle-to-grave security. Sweden had one of the highest standards of living in the world. Sweden had good healthcare. Sweden took care of the elderly. Sweden had no poverty. Sweden had no homelessness.

You changed all that, Stefan. Not because you're 'right' or 'left' politically - but because you're STUPID, you are NOT a leader of people, you are easily fooled. Because you have a Charlie McCarthy sitting in your lap, talking about how things were 100 years ago.

Because you yourself and your wife and most of the executive committee of your political party are members of the infamous 'Brotherhood' with direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Because the sparse brains you have, Stefan, are thoroughly washed, over and over again.

No one in Sweden wants you, Stefan. Some voted for you in 2014 because they were justifiably pissed at Fredrik Reinfeldt. But they have not voted for you since. The half year when Sweden didn't even have a government is testimony enough.

You're a FAILURE, Stefan. You ruined one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. You have caused the deaths and misery of countless Swedes. They are paying the price for your stupidity even today.

GO AND HIDE, STEFAN. History will not be kind. Neither will your people - they'll never forgive.

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