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Åsa Lindhagen

'The day can't come soon enough.'

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War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. And a woman who is supposed to be Sweden's minister for equality (!) has entered the political arena as the worst possible foe of women and girls.

Åsa Lindhagen is fighting tooth and claw to trivialise the dangers that her own political policies have created for them. Actually it's too absurd to be taken seriously.

39-year-old Åsa Lindhagen, hailing from Norrtälje north of Stockholm, interested in fashion, single mother with two children, is, as of January 2019, Sweden's minister for equality (?) and responsible for combating discrimination and segregation. Nothing could be a bigger joke. Actually this is shameful for the country. Åsa Lindhagen is a member of the Green Party, so in other words she hates the environment. Åsa is the archetype of the clueless spoiled brat middle class woman who's been sheltered all her life and never had to confront the terrifying reality of rape victims and other oppressed peoples. Åsa's head is full of gender science bullshit and virtue-signaling and lies that she bellows out at extremist sites like 'ETC' in the belief that she'll get away with it unscathed. Åsa Lindhagen is a naive fool who raves about the men who lie about their age, claiming to be mere children. Åsa Lindhagen stands in solidarity with the criminal element in the streets, the illegal immigrants who puncture our society and physically abuse the weak, the sick.

Åsa revealed in an interview that she used to be afraid of confrontations, but now she says she's over that. Perhaps this is why she goes on the attack against us who are trying to get Sweden back on its feet, calling us 'Sweden-haters'? At the same time, she doesn't want to know anything about the damage that her own extremist political party caused in the formerly idyllic Sweden - which in turn has led to increasingly insistent voices demanding that things be changed. In this charade, which Åsa continued on the morning sofa of TV4, she also hurls shit even on those who would try to repair the damage her extremist party already caused. When young girls themselves have to patrol the streets of smaller towns and Ebba Busch Thor has the courage to say out loud what most cowardly politicians don't admit, namely that Sweden today is UNSAFE with all the imported criminality, and this especially hurts YOUNG GIRLS who are SEXUALLY ABUSED, and RAPED... Åsa Lindhagen knows nothing. Is Åsa Lindhagen aware that young girls might be listening and might be so naive as to believe her - and thereby turn into victims themselves?

I study the clueless face of Åsa Lindhagen and wonder how she'd manage if she ended up in a situation like all the women and young girls tell us about. How would it be if she herself was the victim of her own policies? Policies that suck up to rapists, murderers, terrorists? I wonder how she sleeps, when she's turned her back on the rape victims, the people who've been abused and humiliated, those killed by honour violence? I wonder how Åsa is feeling when she looks in the mirror and realises that, deep inside, she's largely the cause of the misery that so many people in Sweden today endure? How exactly does her brain work when she sits down to write completely falsified pieces for extremist publications? Does she really believe those lies? For if she's truly not aware what's going on in Sweden, then she's not only unbelievably stupid, she's also very dangerous.

Fortunately for us, her time is soon over.

People like Åsa who abuse power will be tossed out of their fancy offices and lose their obscene salaries. All they're doing right now is turning life in Sweden into a nightmare.

The day she's gone can't come soon enough.

Adapted from Katerina Magasin.

'Relatively few of us are homeless.'
 - Åsa Lindhagen

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