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Corona: Another Last Night in Sweden

Over there most last nights are the same.

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You're Neo. You're finally meeting Morpheus. You've long suspected something is wrong. Morpheus has two pills, one red, one blue.

You could be in Sweden.

Last night, the Donald did it again. He mentioned Sweden. Good for him. He mentioned that Sweden had terrible stats on their fight against the Corona virus. They do. More people have been killed by the Corona virus in Sweden than in all of Scandinavia. The homes for the elderly have been especially hard hit. They're dropping like flies there. So Donald mentioned Sweden.

Once again, as three years ago when this happened for the first time, the sheeple spat venom. All morning the state propaganda channel SVT kept the same piece at the top, filling the first fold. The controversial epidemiologist Anders Tengell responds to Donald Trump. Now is the time for a nation to rise up and defeat the challenger - not the Corona virus, but Donald Trump.

Katerina Janouchova knows what it feels like. Born in Prague, the daughter of prominent scientists in Czechoslovakia, she fled with her parents in the aftermath of the 'Prague Spring' of 1968 when Breshnev's Russian tanks entered to crush the popular uprising. Katerina knows all she needs to know about the 'crush' of the 'politically correct' - the hidden microphones in the walls, the 'psyops' happening in their own living space before their eyes, and the way their own neighbours would actively join in to condemn them and cooperate with the secret police.

Katerina's parents went on to become prominent scientists in Sweden, and Katerina herself went on to become a wildly popular author - until 2017, when she too fell afoul of the establishment of the 'politically correct'.

Down in Prague with her mother to promote the Czech edition of her latest book, Katerina was hit in her television interview with unexpected questions about how things were in Sweden. Sweden had done its part in helping refugees from war-torn areas of the middle east, but done even more, something no one outside government could make any sense of. They'd taken in over five times as many 'migrants' as the rest of Scandinavia combined, and up to 80% of those 'migrants' arrived without identification of any kind, leading many to wonder just what was going on, and leading to crime waves the likes of which neither Sweden nor any other country in Scandinavia had ever seen before. All of this culminated in the autumn of last year when a feeble prime minister admitted in an interview to the whole nation 'we had no idea things would turn out this way'.

That same prime minister, heading a cabinet unique in the world for its lack of formal education and work experience, unique for its obscene extravagance when it comes to wasting taxpayer money on the most bizarre projects imaginable, was unable to secure a victory in the most recent elections. Officially Sweden didn't have a government for half a year. The speaker of parliament tried to patch together a compromise government that appealed to all, but got voted down each and every time. Finally, out of sheer desperation, Sweden's parliament agreed to support the same people that had lost the election, with a few caveats and, unofficially, additional partners. And that's where Sweden is today.

So whilst the rest of the world went into lockdown mode to starve out this beast of a virus, Sweden continued as usual. So did the US, so did the UK - at least to start with. But both the UK and the US learned their lesson early on, and quickly changed course. The mobilisation of the US is ongoing and remarkable, the amount of insight into what they're doing is enviable, with Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, and more taking to the stage each and every night - unlike Sweden where the authorities take the weekend off as is their right. And, of course as all know by now, Boris Johnson, famous for saying he was going to shake everyone's hand, is now in the St Thomas NHS hospital's ICU, paying for that foolish indiscretion.

Sweden's latest presser is ongoing as this is being written. They're nothing much to miss, those pressers. Think of 'children's hour' at a school. They're massive snooze fests. Four or five people take to a raised platform, not practicing social distancing, and Anders Tegnell starts the numbing process by citing, ad nauseam, the latest developments which everyone already knows.

There's a Q&A afterwards, but the Swedish media know better than to ask obvious questions. Such as 'WTF are you doing anyway?' A reporter from GERMANY asked that last week - and the Swedish media made fun of him, as they'd done of Donald Trump and even Tim Pool who'd investigated what was wrong with Sweden in the aftermath of that 'last night in Sweden' remark. And we all remember what Tim Pool said to the global media after he'd escaped the Matrix?

'Sweden creeps me out.'

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