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Sunday Morning, Stockholm, Sweden

Photo taken by the Stockholm City constabulary at daybreak.

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This photo was taken early on Sunday morning by police constable Linus as he prepared to call it a night and go home and rest.

Linus had been ready to go on holiday to warmer climes when the COVID virus struck. Now he's on duty instead.

The government recommended that people not congregate and that bars and restaurants enforce proper social distancing, but nobody seems to care.

Other police patrols encountered a novelty - the 'vodka car'. People sell spirits out of the boots of their automobiles.

Other police patrols checked in on the bars and restaurants. Nearly nonexistent social distancing.

The government of Sweden didn't dare 'lay down the law' - they left it to the Public Health Authority (known as 'FHM'). The FHM in turn made a number of rather lame recommendations. The result is as most would expect: no one takes this seriously.

Currently Sweden has more fatalities than all the rest of the Scandinavian countries combined, and one of the highest CFRs in the world.

The Prime Minister hasn't been seen in days.

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