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Our neighbours are doing it right

Swedes don't merit the privilege of traveling abroad this year. By 'The Angry Foreigner'.

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Denmark and Norway are doing it right. Swedes don't deserve to travel anywhere this summer.

The way you've handled the Corona pandemic reveals a spoiled egotistical people whose image of Sweden must be completely destroyed. You deserve nothing but ridicule for your pathetically stupid nationalism.

You have made it more than clear that the world image of you is more important than having a good society that takes care of its sick and weak. A country where people can feel safe and not have their lives meaninglessly destroyed.

This was clear to me already when you ignored all the rape victims of your multicultural experiment, and it's clearer still now with how you took care of risk groups.

Critics have been dismissed as 'a national shame'. Nurses who are witnesses to how the elderly are abandoned to suffocate to death are interviewed by the BBC before our own MSM, and despite Tegnell switching his professional opinion more often than a pre-teen switches boyfriends, he's still treated with blind admiration - by a people whose self-image belongs back in the 1950s.

It's completely unfathomable how an entire country can spend ten years bullying Jimmie Åkesson - and then, when it's something serious like a pandemic, you're so obsessed with your national arrogance that you prioritise your global image ahead of our elderly, our young, and all those in risk groups.

Almost all Swedes are conservative nationalists, and you're conservative nationalists in the worst way possible. By suppressing the natural instincts in all humans, you've created perversions that foremost manifest in middle class hypocrisy and superficiality.

You're so conservative that you can't take in the reality outside the marketing of the Social Democrats.

You're so obsessed with the idea that you're some kind of Aryan perfection that you become immune to science, immune to empathy, immune to the slightest thought about anything other than your perfect ego and that You alone should have it as good as possible. Everyone else is free to suffer for your sake, you spoiled Swede.

This became more than clear with all the middle class families traveling this year on skiing holidays because 'my child is already sick', 'but I'm not in a risk group', 'but it's only the elderly who are going to die'.

When someone is so resistant to facts, so unsympathetic, and so brain-dead as the common Swede, there have to be consequences.

That the global image of Sweden be destroyed is the kindest possible consequence.

That our Nordic neighbours close their borders to us is the most reasonable of consequences.

I won't say a word about what you deserve. That's something else entirely. But I know that Denmark, Finland, and Norway do not deserve to suffer for your narcissistic, priggish, disgusting nationalism.

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