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Go Sweden.

They're a problem for Darwin.

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The modern Sweden was founded and nurtured by visionaries, by people who saw necessary social change happening in the world but wanted it to happen without bloodshed.

They had no pretentions. They had no 'what's in it for me'. They had a vision. And they encouraged everyone in the country to share that vision. They created the concept of the 'folkhemmet' - the people's home, the idea we were all one people, living under the same roof, living together, living happy peaceful lives, smiling, thriving, loving.

The later generations know nothing of this. One doesn't know why. Perhaps because their parents took for granted that their children would understand. But their children do not understand. Certainly there are many foreign actors - from the west, not the east - who want to undermine that little upstart Sweden, but this is not enough in and of itself to make a good society disintegrate.

The photo below is not a manifestation of solidarity. There was a time when any Swedish girl, on the prowl on 'little Saturday' (Wednesday) or the real Saturday, would engage in drunken conversation (often in a foreign language as if it proved erudition) about 'solidarity with the third world' before fucking her brains out, snoring like a lumberjack, then waking with an upset stomach and a hangover. No more. One doesn't know how much (if at all) they fuck - at least heterosexually - but there's been a massive cultural change in Sweden.

Sweden's leading tabloid and newspaper, Aftonbladet, that bastion of all things social-democratic, peddles Hollywood culture shamelessly. So does the Bonnier pet Expressen for that matter. Suddenly brain farts little better than Axl Rose are setting the example - not anyone exemplifying pure sanity and rational calm thought.

Swedes cannot think anymore. They have no time to think - they're too fucking busy feeling things.

We haven't changed. The country's changed. The people have changed. They've moved away from us. They engage and participate in collective insanity. Go Sweden.


And as this happens, right now, there's a genocide ongoing in Sweden's 'folkhemmet'. Institutionalised state-sanctioned senicide. Sweden's trying to make things outwardly look better. They don't give a shit about people - they've totally fucked over those people for too long, and there's hardly a generation anywhere in the world that's shown such utter contempt for their own people, their own elderly.

The measure of a nation, of a culture, is in how they treat their senior citizens. That's where we all will wander one day. If you can't see that, then you're stupid. Ask Jeanette Höglund who founded 'At Your Side' to help the elderly that socialist utopia Sweden has abandoned. The elderly - that's us. Tomorrow. They have the wisdom, the experience. If we don't appreciate wisdom and experience, we're lost.

Today's generations of Swedes, with cheap memes and Hollywood stars in their eyes, know nothing of that. There is no past, no future, only a hysterical present. They totally lack the capability to think. Think for themselves. Rational thought.

What used to be so admirable about Sweden was that they were clever. They watched everyone else do the impulsive irrational thing, they watched the pack, they thought for themselves, then they acted. And leapt out in front. Thoughtful clever things.

No more today. Look no further than their current government.

Sweden's current government is one of the most uneducated and crooked governments in the world. The people running Sweden today are fucking stupid. Really fucking stupid. They're also crooked. Really fucking crooked. This isn't even hidden anymore. Swedes have learned to accept the fact that their leaders and politicians are lying. All the time. They use tax-funded spin doctors to distort the truth, to keep up appearances.

Now we have the ultimate shame - or is it? Sweden's death toll in Corona is soon ten times that of Denmark. Their prime minister doesn't take charge, for his party knows that he's such a klutz in public that he could lose the 2022 election. They leave the genocide - the 'senicide' - to a warped personality in a political office.

Going on five thousand (5000) fatalities, the people who built what's left of the great welfare state Sweden. The bullshit continues. What do they do? Demand an end to corruption? A return to common sense? No, they march on Sergels Torg to protest something that's far far away, something they don't even understand, because it's wild and exotic and because hysteria is contagious and it helps fill their boring empty lives.

They can't think. They don't want to think. They want someone else to think for them. They're a problem for Darwin.

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