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Sweden: The World's Last Feminist Government?

The ugly truth.

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The 'world' has had many successful (and beloved) women leaders - in several Asian countries, in Denmark, in Germany, and so forth.

New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern is a runaway success. Her handling of the pandemic has been exemplary, with New Zealand regularly voted one of the most uncorrupt countries in the world - the polar opposite of Sweden.

The particular brand of 'feminism' practiced in Sweden is going nowhere.

But this isn't about feminism. It's about corruption, about how the current government of Sweden - self-touted as 'the world's first feminist government' - knowingly and willingly sacrificed the lives of thousand of citizens for money, power, and prestige.

Sweden: The Present Day

Sweden of today is a dangerous country to be in. This map, from the Robert Koch Institute, shows fatalities due to COVID-19 in the past week. Sweden stands out easily.

For the better part of a fortnight, Sweden - little Sweden - has had the highest per capita fatality rate in the world.


There are many who think Sweden's erratic epidemiologist Anders Tegnell is an oaf. There are many who think his mentor Johan Giesecke is an even bigger oaf. And they certainly may be oafs, but there's a darker side to Sweden's strange behaviour which the world media has obsessed over for quite some time.

They've been lying their socks off.

They couldn't do what was right - because 'the world's first feminist government' decided, back in 2014, to get rid of all their emergency supplies - including 7 million face masks that they couldn't find a buyer for and so just burned them up (yes).

The details of this psychotic series of events are found here:


And here.


Johan Westerholm

Johan Westerholm has a pedigree in Sweden's 'social democracy' and in their Social Democrat party. He used to be a member himself, as other members of his family, but now works 'in opposition' because of the rampant corruption. Yet he remains one of the best sources of information on what's really going on with them - 'on the inside'.

Here's his report from today.


Johan cites the map from the Robert Koch Institute and goes on to explain.

Sweden is a dangerous country to be in today. Swedes themselves are considered dangerous to be around. Visitors from Sweden to your country should be shunned and banned. Yes it's that bad. Many countries have already made it clear that Swedes are not welcome.

The European COVID Council

The European COVID Council was founded in March 2020 with experts from the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, and Italy.

Right from the get-go, Sweden dismissed the necessary priority of testing, isolation, and contact tracing because their government, already in 2014, decided there'd be no more crises in the world (!) and they no longer needed any emergency supplies, such as the seven million face masks they couldn't sell (and so burned up).

They also dismissed the priority of testing because they were low there too.

Note that these dismissals meant that the world's first feminist government had to break their own laws on protecting against pandemics. This was of course never told to the population at large.

Sweden's Communicable Diseases Act from 2004 is described here.


That law forces healthcare to test, perform contact tracing, and isolate carriers. But, again, this was not pointed out to the population. Instead they reported this.

'We have a different strategy.'

And this.

'For extensive tests to be effective, you need to know what you're going to do with the test results.'

Of course what you do with those results is to isolate. But the message went over the heads of the media who didn't dare question things.

The rest of Europe knew what to do with tests. You perform contact tracing. You isolate people. To break the spread of the contagion.

Sit Still in the Boat!

But Sweden couldn't do that. So it became 'sit still in the boat' and hope for the best. All the while the world media wondered WTF they were doing.

The EU Commission sent out their recommendations on 18 March. Therein they specify that the most basic of measures must include closing bars, closing nightclubs, closing restaurants, closing museums, theatres, cinemas, sport clubs, churches, and the like - as well as closing all schools and all preschools and daycares.

Sweden defied those recommendations.

The European parliament ratified the recommendations on 26 March. They referred to the guidelines from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and their own COVID Council.

Sweden defied those recommendations, yes. But more:

Johan Westerholm's own considerable sources (whistleblowers) within the government tell him that, unbelievably enough, the government of Stefan Löfven tried to pressure the European Union to lighten up their recommendations so as to not make Sweden look bad.

According to these same sources, it was Stefan Löfven himself who communicated with French president Macron via telephone to get him to pressure the EU to 'lighten up' - and this conversation took place the same week that France noted its highest fatality rate ever.

Talk about bad timing - par for the course for Sweden today.

Sweden Suspended?

Since 26 March, Sweden has been in direct violation of EU guidelines. According to current legislation, this can lead to a cessation of mobility to and from Sweden within Schengen.

The EU plan for lightening restrictions, compiled already on 15 April, mentions the following.

1. One needs epidemiological criteria to show that the spread of the pandemic has decisively decreased and remained at a stable low level for quite some time.

2. That healthcare resources are again adequate.

3. That there be a suitable monitoring capability, including a capacity for large scale testing, contact tracing, and isolation.

According to the European Communicable Diseases Authority, Sweden does not qualify on either #1 or #3 and only partly qualifies on #2.

Sweden's Psychotic Reaction

With seemingly no regard for human life, much as has been seen at home with the slaughter of the defenceless elderly, behind the scenes Sweden has been engaging in arm-twisting with European neighbours.

Robert Rydberg of the foreign service, in a communication with the Czech Republic, delivered the following message. (The message was forwarded by a whistleblower.)

'I am surprised at the groundless discrimination of Sweden.'


'But Belgium, France, and Spain were hit even harder!'

The Czech response? That it's not about discrimination, but a conclusion based on statistics reported to the ECDC.

And Rydberg's psychotic counter-response?

'It's unreasonable to interpret statistics like that!'

In Sweden's followup work on relations with the Czech Republic, and in similar encounters with Germany and Holland, Rydberg and the other cabinet secretaries were ordered to 'dream up better arguments', all in an attempt to nullify the judgement of the EU council and the ECDC.

  • Holland's statistics for Friday were 210 new cases with 15 fatalities. Their population: 17 million.

  • Germany's statistics for Friday were 491 new cases with 27 fatalities. Their population: 84 million.

  • The statistics for the Czech Republic for Friday were 35 new cases with 1 fatality. Their population: 10 million (approximately that of Sweden).

    (But they enacted a law early on to require face masks in public, and the population sewed millions of their own face masks as a result. Sweden did no such thing, as the government continues to downplay the situation and even go so far as to warn that face masks can be dangerous.)

  • Sweden's statistics for Friday were 1016 new cases with 77 fatalities. Their population: as with the Czech Republic, 10 million.

More of Sweden's Magic Tricks

The member states of the EU are standing on solid legal ground, as they, one by one, suspend Sweden from Schengen.

That Sweden's government are now making a big thing out of lightening internal restrictions is for the peanut galleries both at home and abroad. They're trying to create the false impression that they're in control of the situation. They want the world outside their duckpond to forget about the dire reality as already shared by the ECDC.

So one should see the promises of Lena Hallengren, Tegnell's boss, in that light: she's again hinting that Sweden will in fact begin testing, something they formally abandoned long ago (see above). Hallengren's also promised that everyone in the country will receive adequate healthcare, something that is remote at best.

The truth remains: Sweden no longer has an infrastructure to carry out nationwide testing, contract tracing, and isolation - this is seen every day as the statistics for the country continue to accelerate - and in the wrong direction.

Thousand of defenceless old folks perished in the waves of Corona that hit Sweden's nursing homes. The government of Sweden refused to impress the population with the severity of the situation, knowing that they couldn't meet the requirements of their own legislation. Instead, they lied to the people and to the country's healthcare workers, telling them there was no danger in not having proper PPE.

Although some people heeded the 'recommendation' to not visit relatives in care homes, healthcare workers were told nothing. Years earlier, Sweden began 'selling out' their once world-famous healthcare system to questionable 'off-shore' companies who found creative ways to circumvent legislation and avoid giving staff standard job security. These workers don't get the usual compensation for sick leave. Many of them have resigned their positions as a result, out of fear of infecting their patients.

The truth about the lack of PPE was only uncovered after the fact by independent journalists. To this day, the government has not offered any comments.

In flagrant defiance and opposition to common worldwide knowledge and consensus, the government of Sweden continues to assure their gullible population that the virus cannot be communicated asymptomatically.

Afterword - The World's Last Feminist Government?

The 'world' has had many successful (and beloved) women leaders - in several Asian countries, in Denmark, in Germany, and so forth. New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern is a runaway success. Her handling of the pandemic has been exemplary, with New Zealand regularly voted one of the most uncorrupt countries in the world - the polar opposite of Sweden.

The particular brand of 'feminism' practiced in Sweden is going nowhere.

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