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Rio Grande City

This could have been humanity's finest hour.

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Chris Martenson found an interesting article.


'Interesting' is a euphemism. It's about a Texas hospital in Rio Grande City. They're going to start turning away emergency COVID patients. Because they don't have room.

In case you missed it, what with all the general hysteria about everything but COVID, cases in the US have skyrocketed, and they're currently reporting over 1,000 fatalities per day.

Some of this is down to Trump. His anxiety of not being able to boast about the nation's economy come November. There are other reasons of course. There are a lot of flat-earthers who still think this is some sort of hoax. And we should remember the activities of university students in the spring.

The crying shame of course is that nothing of this needs to happen. We don't have a vaccine against COVID, but we have a very successful treatment that succeeds in nearly 100% of all cases. It's just that Big Pharma fought against this for so long. For what essentially is a protocol that costs a mere $20, they want to get people to buy their own failed drugs for $3400.

You have to treat patients early. You treat them prophylactically. You don't wait until they get sick or start showing symptoms. You give them all the drugs now. Now as in 'now'. For the entirety of humanity that costs a small fraction on what's already been spent, and in vain.

As Chris usually signs off, 'it didn't have to be this way'. We're in the middle of a pandemic, the greatest threat to us as a species in at least one hundred years. We're lucky that there's a way to treat this pestilence. Now try to get the dimwit robots in politics and in medicine to understand that and to do something about it. Humanity could have had its finest hour instead of this.

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