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An Open Letter To A Prime Shithead

He may have known better once upon a time.

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STEFAN LÖFVEN, it's your duty to protect your people.

That's why you have a salary of $220,000 and higher pay hikes than you give the elderly in their pensions.

The women of Sweden are no longer safe. They're raped all day and night long.

Sometimes they're murdered by assassination squads in broad daylight whilst carrying their newborn infants.

In the autumn of 2019 you blurted this out on state television.

Some outsiders might think you're an experienced politician and leader and just had a string of bad luck. No. You never even had a seat in parliament. You were the 'gofer' for your party, the idiot who shined their shoes in the executive committee, the 'token nigger' placed there to give them 'image', never taken seriously.

But they're so corrupt and bankrupt today. They tasked you with finding a prime minister candidate, you failed, they 'ordered' you to stand for the election instead, you initially refused, as you know you're a fucking waste of space, but they kept on pressurising you and you gave in.

Now look at the mess Sweden is in today.

And you're such a fuck, Stefan, that you don't realise they're going to destroy you at their first opportunity. They're going to rightfully blame the utter catastrophe of your 'years' on you, and deflect the blame away from themselves.

You're not one of them, Stefan. You're a Belgian Blue they're fattening up for the slaughter. You're such a tragicomic story, Stefan, but the people you shat on and betrayed are even worse off, and they need our attention.

They need help, not you. A fine prison cell waits for you, jackass.

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