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X-file 14.5 KB

July 26, 2000 5:30 PM UTC
Lean and mean is one thing, but when the most integral program on your desktop can be rewritten to take less than fifteen kilobytes disk space, you've got a sensation.

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The MMI edition of X-file was announced only a few days ago, and now it's in the news again: X-file MMI now weighs in at under 15KB. Check out the file sizes:

x-file.exe 14,848 bytes 14.5KB
x-find.exe 9,728 bytes 9.5KB
x-scan.exe 10,752 bytes 10.5KB
x-attrib.exe 6,144 bytes 6.0KB

Exploiting 'DPR' all three modules were reduced beyond the believable - yet see for yourself: they run, they're beautiful, they make the Microsoft Explorers look foolish - and then check the file sizes again.

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John C Cattelin speaks out on his partner pulling off the unbelievable.

How Things Like This Happen
The author of the X-file suite explains what led to breaking the 15KB barrier.

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A missive to the emperor of bloatware.

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