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25 February 2000

CERT warned about the 'DCA attacks' - find out how they were used to knock out some of the world's most trafficked web sites.

The lead story from C|Net.

How a basic attack crippled Yahoo
If they can shut down Yahoo, they can shut down anybody.

Outage a deliberate attack
Yahoo's CEO speaks out about the attack.

The new assault weapons
How it's being done - a first glance.

Bracing for new attacks
What experts say may happen next.

CERT Advisory CA-99-17
An introduction to this 'technology' from Carnegie Mellon.

CERT Incident Note IN-99-07
How distributed DoS tools work.

SYN Flooding and IP Spoofing
More in-depth from CERT about this relatively simple technique.

IP Denial-of-Service Attacks
How 'smurfing' works.

Another explanation of smurfing.

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