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The E3 Security Kit is the most effective and most comprehensive security solution in the industry, used by governments and corporations worldwide. What sets it apart?

1: It's complete.

E3 gives you everything where others do only a few things. E3 addresses the total gamut of security issues in Windows where other products only take on one or two. E3 is by definition a utility which can be configured to get at literally anything.

2: It's configurable.

Even though E3 comes 'ready to run', it includes all the tools you need to go hunting for treasure on your own - tools that are eminently powerful and easy to configure. As you track and monitor your computer's activities, you input them into E3 so they're automatically taken care of.

3: It's professional.

Many so called security and privacy tools try to bewilder you with acronyms and references to 'department of defence' standards. It's mostly smoke - and you'd know this if you took the time to read those documents. Most shredders follow US DOD 'orange book' recommendations for removing data from memory chips, not hard drives - a subtle fact their vendors of course don't want to let you become aware of. E3 was the first on Windows with the 35-step 'Gutmann' algorithm constructed for use on magnetic media.

Those 'other' shredders are using algorithms meant for digital media - RAM. Shredding hard drives is an entirely different process.

4: It gets at everything. It does everything.

There's not just one program in the E3 Security Kit - there are twelve [sic]. They do everything you can possibly need and want. And as they use their own proprietary metalanguage, they can communicate together and address every single data repository you have, whether it be a directory, an INI file section, a Registry key, or file slack and disk slack.

You can set E3 to run automatically, silently, without ever coming up on screen. You can set E3 to automatically clean all your loose ends each evening when you put your computer to bed. You can create 'wrappers' that defend you against indiscretions your own applications commit as they happen.

With the E3 Security Kit, you can do everything and get at everything - and for your own security, that's the most important thing.

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