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In 1999 infosec guru Fredrik Björck, the man who found the authors of the Melissa and ILOVEYOU worms, predicted the first ten or twenty years of the new millennium would be extremely security- and privacy-conscious. Even he did not know how right he was.

Computers - especially PCs running Microsoft Windows - have been inundated with a high level of sophisticated attacks: viruses, worms, trojans - and then perhaps the most insidious of them all, spyware. Windows users do not have an easy time of it, and to add insult to injury, Microsoft themselves have joined in the spy game, pulling tricks even the most twisted script kiddie would not have dared five years ago.

With snooping and spooking on the rise, computer users are understandably paranoid. And in an effort to fan the flames of hysteria, exploitative organisations regularly spam SMTP traffic and the Usenet groups and erect single-page 'revolving door' websites with fat 'H1' headlines asking 'WHAT EVIDENCE IS ON YOUR HARD DRIVE?' and with simple web tricks that expose elementary browser transfer data.

Security and privacy are important, but so too is peace of mind. And while it may be easy to dismiss the sleaziest of the scam operators, it is also necessary to thoroughly analyse their wild claims and warnings, and to find an adequate tool somewhere else with which to take control.

E3 Security Kit is just such a tool, and these pages will look in depth at the wild claims and warnings.

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