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XPT — Introduction

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction.
 - Albert Einstein

Some of the best written and most useful Windows software you can find anywhere.
 - Robin Keir

I don't think PCs are the right platform for everyone because of their high complexity level and because of the harm that not understanding these systems can cause users.
 - Jim Rapoza

Windows used to be the 'with it' operating system. It was embraced by corporations and individuals alike. When David Cutler's Windows NT was released, it ushered in a new era where a genuine operating system had finally come to the PC desktop.

But things go up and down, and so it was with Windows. From the zenith of Cutler's new incarnation of VMS we now have Windows XP, the worst of the bad, a directly user-hostile system with no good features and an endless stream of dangers, and its successor's already proven to be more bother than anything.

Following Bill Gates's lead is no longer a clever idea.

Yet people will continue to use Windows for some time, as legacy systems remain legacy and new systems are better equipped with open source operating systems, and others migrate out of the Wintel world entirely to the breathtaking hardware of Apple.

For those of you still in the Microsoft camp, here is a collection of tools which will make your stay all the more pleasurable and give you a greater chance of survival. Once was the time when these tools were the apples in the eyes of their developers; they're still good - perhaps better than ever - it's just that the platform they're designed to run on and with will not be around forever.

Running Windows is a challenge too dangerous for some; yet with the XPT all things again become possible. Time and again the XPT fills in the cracks in an extremely wobbly operating system, making it useable in spite of itself.

If you're in charge of a Windows shop, give this collection some serious thought. The XPT on USB is the ultimate emergency toolset for the harried administrator: all 150+ apps fit easily on the same thumb, no install, no file or Registry droppings on the host system, no uninstall. Put the XPT on your USB and you'll want for nothing more.

If you're still running a Windows box, give this collection some serious thought. Running Windows without it is a task too impossible to consider.

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