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These two Windows screen shots were taken at the same time and with the same programs running.

Now ponder a minute what you see in the first with the Microsoft Windows task manager - nothing. According to Microsoft's task manager, you have nothing running in your system at all.

Now look to the other, to the XPT task manager 007 - and notice as well the scrollbar intimates there is even more to be shown.

Which version of reality do you want to put your faith in? Microsoft's - or Radsoft's?

There are a lot of things going on in your Windows system all the time without your knowledge, and Microsoft are not going to show them to you.

You need to be able to know about everything you have running, and not just what Microsoft tell you. You need 007 - the ultimate task manager tool for Windows.

And Radsoft's 007 task manager tool lets you do a lot more than Microsoft too: 007 lets you restore, minimise, maximise, hide, close, kill, 'post quit' and trim any window - or all at once if that should be your fancy. (Something that's invaluable if you're fighting black hats.)

Think about this as you continue your tour: Radsoft have no agenda except to bring you the truth - to bring you all the information available about what's going on in your system. And to give you the tools you need to do what you have to do.

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