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Why We Don't Like Swift 2019-03-14
There's nothing wrong with excellence.

The death sentence against Julian Assange 2018-07-20
The Swedes have blood on their hands.

Who to Trust 2018-06-10
And who not to.

An Open Letter to Jack Dorsey 2018-06-03
Rot, Jack. Rot.

Imagine 2018-06-01
It's easy.

Making Sense of Julian Assange 2017-03-01
Asking a few key questions.

To: Trey 2017-01-04
Just get the machines!

Assange: Case Closed 2016-12-23
The truth will out, the truth wins out.

'Tis the Season to be Jolly 2015-11-01
But what's to be jolly about?

Margot Wallström & Democracy 2015-10-30
They're not friends.

Feminists look at men the same way Sweden Democrats look at immigrants 2015-09-22
'Feminism stands for the rights of women. Equality stands for the rights of all. And that's the exact opposite.'

WikiLeaks is Back 2015-07-20
They're flooding the world with disruption.

To Taylor, Regards World 2015-06-19
Yes, we know who you are.

Margot's Dilemma 2015-03-11
Speaking truth to power?

Sweden: The Pretence 2015-01-31
No reason to be proud anymore.

War in Europe: Schaff Annotated 2014-08-20
A dangerous escalation.

He's Known All Along 2014-04-19
Some play poker and football, some play chess. Guess who wins.

Flashback Beauty Salon 2014-03-26
Courage is contagious but ducks will be immune.

60 Minutes to 16 March 2014-03-12
An executive summary.

How to create a blog for $250,000,000 2014-03-12
Things aren't as easy as they seem.

Remembering Anne 2014-01-18
She could tell you, and in some ways she is.

Takeaway from Ballmer's WSJ 2013-11-17
Correcting rewritten history.

BHO on Jay Leno 2013-08-18
Speaking violence to truth.

Mike Grunwald 2013-08-18
Such a character.

Obama in Stockholm 2013-08-08
Thoughts on the upcoming visit of the POTUS to the Country of Absolut.

Everyone's a Whistleblower 2013-07-28
Everyone of us has had reason to be. But would we have the courage to follow through?

Rotten. To the core. 2013-07-03
Change cannot come from within.

Assange in Sweden: A Time to Smear 2013-06-25
It took only a few short generations.

My Miserable Sister 2013-06-17
The entire country is a total mess. By design.

Sweden: No Prophets 2013-06-03
And no profits. Or peace. Or sex.

On the Preposterous and Massi Fritz 2013-05-23
End it. Now.

Tokyo Rose on Julian 2013-05-14
And on the decency of the UK justice system.

Thanks, Julian! 2013-05-10
A little letter from a nation most people don't think about.

03USUNNEWYORK298_a 2013-04-10
The first casualty of war is truth.

Killing Off Vicious Evil Windows Malware Part 1,000,001 2013-04-05

Memo to the People of the US 2013-02-17
A better Sunday than most for most.

Assange Affair: Trenter's Timeline 2013-02-02
Through the past more clearly.

Marianne Ny & TIME 2013-01-28
Through the past more clearly.

Marianne Ny & The Secrecy Act 2013-01-27
It's more about Marianne Ny and Julian Assange. Or Carl Bildt.

Swartz Fought for Us 2013-01-27
By Maria-Pia Boëthius.

Announcing SVT Softstep 2013-01-27
Providing a new service.

Bird in the Sky 2012-12-04
A day in the life for the rest of us.

WikiLeaks: A Filling Station with No Petrol 2012-12-04
It's only a matter of time.

Lisa Magnusson Scores Own Goal 2012-11-01
No rebuttal necessary.

Medical Software Overrun by Microsoft Malware 2012-10-18
Lives are at risk. Some may have been lost. It's time to stop.

Farhad Manjoo is a Full-Blown Idiot 2012-07-19
He belongs on Windows. And he should be running MS Office.

Sweden Battening the Hatches Against Fearless WikiLeaks Attack 2012-07-05
This is what the ducks are told by Niklas Svensson and Expressen.

Why We Don't Use Spotify 2012-03-09
Only one reason.

An ICE Bucket of Bullshit 2012-01-25
Suck it up.

18 January 2012-01-19
Time for some people to get a clue. Time for others to get to work.

Svenskt Näringsliv 2012-01-10
Med Henrik Schyffert.

The Evolution of the Windows Bootkit 2012-01-04
Did you think Windows 7 was safe?

Are you the 50%? 2011-12-29
Or are you the other 50%?

United Nations of America 2011-12-15
Planet of the free?

Open Letter to Sweden's Prosecutor General 2011-12-12
From Sweden versus Assange. Send to the address below.

Öppet Brev till Riksåklagare Anders Perklev 2011-12-12
Translation by Joakim Ramstedt. Send to the address below.

Julian & Benny, Muammar & Vladimir 2011-11-25
Some people have the money. Others have the suits.

The Goose, The Gander, Anna Ardin 2011-11-21
There's enough for a psychologists convention.

#Ganna 2011-10-18
Democracy's not working right.

For #OccupyWallStreet 2011-10-12
By Hope Asya.

Happy Birthday WikiLeaks 2011-10-04
4 October 2006 - 4 October 2011: five years of crushing bastards.

Apple: When Closed Systems Don't Work 2011-09-19
It's not like everyone didn't tell them so.

Guardian: New Heights of Buffoonery 2011-09-06
Not knowing is never enough.

Twitter is a Mess 2011-07-19
'Epic fail' redefined.

The Spotify Bait 'n' Switch 2011-04-16
But has Daniel Ek really gone over to the Dark Side?

Apple's Pyrrhic Victory 2010-10-29
The Internet's still in trouble.

Håkan's Memo 2010-10-17
Can't prove the crime, can't find the copyright protection.

The End of the Pirate Movement 2010-09-26
So says Sam Sundberg. Peter Sunde disagrees.

In Praise of Intolerance 2010-09-24
Where does one draw the line?

What Happened to Sweden's Pirate Party? 2010-09-24
'But we worked harder than ever before', says Rick Falkvinge.

Ten Years, Millions of Attacks, Billions of Dollars in Damages - And Nothing Learnt 2010-09-11
The ten-year puberty of the world wide web in the New Millennium has been a costly fiasco.

The Dark Side of Steve Jobs 2010-07-19
There's truth in them there lolz.

The Times 2010-07-03
Wapping going down the drain.

Microsoft's Next of Kin 2010-06-22
Can they be fully off track again?

Freedom 2010-06-15
When something you think you own actually owns you instead.

Papier Mâché Revolutionary 2010-06-14
Changing the world?

France 2010-06-14
Liberté. Egalité. Fraternité. Hadopi?

Carrots in Their Ears, Broccoli in Their Socks 2010-05-24
The staggering incompetence of Swedish court magistates is - staggering.

The Pirate Gambit 2010-05-21
Sweden's Pirate Party starting to turn a corrupt political system inside out.

Cecilia Malmström, the IFPI, and Child Pornography 2010-04-29
By hook or by crook.

The Persecution of Terry Childs 2010-04-28
The eejits always win.

The Microsoft VFAT Patent 2010-04-24
A sign of disintegration.

Dear Mr Foo 2010-04-12
'I'm part of the solution.'

This Site is Not Facebook 2010-03-21
There's absolutely no connection between Facebook and this site.

Troyak Struggles for Life 2010-03-19
So does Internet. But Bill and his orcs don't care, do they?

Google Sponsor Internet Freedom Award 2010-03-16
Don't remind them you're doing evil.

The Difference 2010-03-12
They know they've failed but they're still too thick to know what works.

Rick Falkvinge OSCON 2007 2010-03-11
Summing up the digital debate in fifteen minutes is quite the achievement.

Lower Merion Fallout 2010-03-06
'Where are you right now?'

The Road Ahead 2010-03-04
The road is dark and dreary. Someone's blocking the light.

The Right to Know 2010-02-24
Nobody's telling.

East of Eden: Sex & Computers 2010-02-23
Some combinations are toxic.

This is What You Get 2010-02-20
Some things do not pay. Why not?

Swedish Police Escalate Fight Against Illegal File Sharing 2010-02-12
This time they mean business!

Getting to the Point 2010-02-09
Behold the man who knows best what you need online.

Aurora 2010-01-16
There goes the neighbourhood.

Apple's 99¢ iSlave Market 2010-01-11
Still pricey for what you get. And no one needs it.

Apple Can Cancel 2010-01-08
The tables seem to have turned. Apple fanboys chill out and Microsoft fanboys are suddenly terrified the sky is falling.

A Patented Golf Putting Method 2010-01-04
Tiger Woods is in trouble even if he does come back.

This Book May Not Be Read Aloud 2010-01-04
Alice getting screwed by Adobe.

USPTO: Method of Swinging on a Swing (6368227) 2010-01-04
Licences available from the inventor on request.

The New Year's McAfee Scare 2009-12-31
They never miss an opportunity.

Schneier on Schmidt 2009-12-15
Putting the little Schmidt in its place.

The Problem with Music 2009-12-07
Some of your friends are probably already this fucked.

Orwell Didn't Know Shit 2009-12-07
And they call themselves christians.

Broken Promises 2009-10-29
Waiting for the other one billion shoes to drop.

The Day the Earth Stood Still 2009-10-21
Windows 7 is Windows XP with the Windows Vista cosmetics.

Microsoft Awareness Month 1 2009-10-04
Why not? Consumers in this market really need to get a clue. Part one.

Mere Conduit 2009-10-03
Required reading.

Don't Shoot the ISPs! 2009-09-30
They already have an impossible task.

Dear Lily 2009-09-26
Dear Lily, why are you being this silly? Yours sincerely, Dan Bull.

Open Letter to Amy Macdonald 2009-09-21
Where you gonna sleep tonight?

The Walled Garden 2009-09-19
Of hackers and Apple.

What's Your Price? 2009-07-28
The price is never right. Never.

No More Excuses for Anti-Pirates 2009-07-15
We've given them a solution. By Peter Sunde.

Google to the Rescue of the Internets? 2009-07-09
Google's announcement of Google Chrome OS changes the battle plans for hegemony over the desktop and potentially changes almost everything associated with computing and the web.

Two Travesties, One Day 2009-06-26
Corruption and judicial decay. By Rick Falkvinge.

Too many good things on the telly.

A Victory for Human Rights 2009-06-08
Calandrella's remarks on the EU election results in Sweden.

PP: The NeXT Big Thing 2009-06-08
Freeing the world of lobbyists is only half the battle.

PP: Epic Winnage 2009-06-08
Sweden's Pirate Party will be sending two reps to Brussels.

Re: 'How the %#@! did I miss this?' 2009-06-04
At last there's an explanation why so many people still run Windows: they're batshit insane.

Swedish Politicians Jealous of PP 2009-05-25
They're good for democracy.

Euroschlock Song Contest 2009-05-17
Welcome to Camp Dumb.

A French Preview 2009-05-14
Coming soon to a theatre near you. By Rick Falkvinge.

K Versus the Machine 2009-05-14
A dystopian nightmare by Franz Orwell.

Lady Hadopi 2009-05-12
Behind every diminutive man is a psychopathic woman.

3/2 on PP to EU 2009-05-05
You won't get better odds.

Police in Your Brain II 2009-04-22
Why do people cripple culture with copyright laws? Because they can. By Thomas Götselius.

Police in Your Brain I 2009-04-22
IPRED is a counterrevolution. By Isobel Hadley-Kamptz.

Sixteen Minutes 2009-04-20
Monique Wasted enters the Guinness Book of Records. So does Paul McCartney.

Spectrial Resolutions 2009-04-17
When things get into a focus so intense they almost become a blur.

Stop Stealing Our Music! 2009-04-11
The IFPI in Sweden 29 years ago: attacking the music cassette.

Antipiracy Bureau Guilty of Data Intrusion 2009-04-10
Infiltrators, black money, secret tactics - a typical workday for the copyright industry. By André Rickardsson.

Cosa Antipiracy Bureau 2009-04-10
The mafiAA are more like the real mafia all the time. By Peter Sunde.

The Good News from Microsoft 2009-04-08
You can't make this stuff up. You really can't. Only Auntie Beeb gets away with it.

It's Time for Broadband ISPs to Put Their Foot Down 2009-04-03
Swedish ISPs save one are remarkably silent.

Miller-Naraine 2009-03-22
Can you see what's wrong with this picture?

Ten Wasted Years 2009-03-21
Or how greedos and politicians systematically dismantled a country's IT infrastructure. By Rick Falkvinge.

Culture Getting Loopy 2009-03-19
The cost of maintaining the current idea of copyright is permanent martial law with a private police force and a wet blanket over the Internet.

The Rubbish That's the BBC 2009-03-18
This is BBC 'journalism'?

Why Mac 2009-03-11
A visit from friends.

Henrik Pontén's Miscarriages of Justice 2009-03-09
Sometimes when you can't find the evidence you need you have to improvise.

Benito's IFPI Royalty System 2009-03-09
We've forgot how close we were to another world where musicians got all the compensation from radio transmissions and record companies had to continue to make do with profits on sales of the physical records. But an intervention by Italy changed things forever.

Someone Get the Popcorn 2009-03-06
The show begins now.

TPB: Reflections in the Interim 2009-03-04
And clearing up a few misunderstandings.

TPS: The Police State 2009-02-26
It's very literally up to you.

TPB: The Trial and Beyond 2009-02-21
Does the outcome really matter?

Don't Hold Your Breath 2009-02-15
Seventeen days from now you're going to get a whiff of something incredibly foul.

Winds of Change 2009-02-15
Something's happening to the 'old media'. By Rick Falkvinge.

Confucker 2009-02-10
You should have done the right thing ten years ago. You morons.

A Windows Carol 2008-12-24
Competition was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of its demise was signed by the IRS, the DOJ, NASDAQ, and the White House. Gates signed it. And Gates' name was good upon 'Change, for anything he chose to put his hand to. Competition was as dead as a Windows BSOD screen.

Are You a PC? 2008-12-18
An appealing sentiment.

Apple's Rise and Fall 2008-12-17
When does it end? How does it end?

Fellating Bill Gates 2008-12-08
'Everything's set, everything's fine, you just gotta stand in line.'

Life Without Walls 2008-12-07
Here foot, object #1. Here mouth, object #2. Place object #1 in object #2.

The Ipred War 2008-12-04
'For Swedish citizens and citizens of the world: there's an easy way to resolve this conflict. Boycott the movie. Don't go see it. Don't download it off a file sharing site either. It's not the end of the world and right now Amazon has the book on sale - a mere £5.00 for hardcover and £4.79 for paperback. Get the hardcover. Splurge the extra £0.21 (~US$0.40). Then you can have a good copy that lasts. That you can read over and over again. And share with your friends. Without paying any more ever again. And without giving any money to Tomas Alfredson who already has a hundred times what you'll ever have.'

Clean It for Love 2008-12-01
'Turn off UAC and you have XP's security model. Not that it matters: you're still running as the *nix equivalent of root by default. Everything is fair game.'

Clean It for $1000 2008-11-19
Do the math.

Unable to Clean 2008-11-19
So what happens if you stop? PC warriors of the world unite.

(When) Will Apple Jump the Shark? 2008-10-15
The need for innovation's never been greater.

It's Not Over 2008-09-19
Steve Jobs gets a lot of things right. He also gets a lot of things half right. Some things he even gets completely wrong.

FY09 Strategic Update 2008-09-15
'Our opportunities to change the world have never been greater.'

Google's Little Shop of Horrors 2008-09-05
'Feed me! Feeeeed me!'

The Great Apple Hope 2008-09-01
Where is it?

Sucking on Media Players 2008-08-31
'Now you feel our pain.' 'I think I should talk with Jobs.'

Web Fraud 2.0 2008-08-28
On the Security Fix series.

;DECLARE @S CHAR(4000); 2008-08-22
There comes a time when people just get sick of the shit and pestilence that's Windows.

The Apple Quality Marketing Myth 2008-08-21
What was it 'just worked'?

Fighting Malware on Windows 2008-08-19
Why it doesn't work. Why it only costs you more money and heartbreak.

The Malware Ruse 2008-08-18
How effective is it? Who gets tricked?

The Microsoft Ghetto 2008-08-18
Aren't we afraid of cockroaches?

They Think It's OK 2008-08-17
Reflections on Wsnpoem and other typical Windows disasters.

Wsnpoem 2008-08-14
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

Perspicacity of Worms 2008-07-23
'If you find yourself in a hole the first thing to do is stop digging.'

Toppling Governments 2008-07-04
Today it's almost inevitable.

Despised by Millions 2008-07-01
Missed by none.

Famous Last Words 2008-06-24
There's always been a good reason in retrospect.

Two Different Media Worlds 2008-06-23
Big Brother's a creep. But he pays well.

Lex Blair 2008-06-18
Everybody knows how things like this always turn out.

The Ultimate Cluestick 2008-06-15
Hit them with it. Sue their pants off.

Mi¢ro$oft Internet Explorer Users 2008-06-15
Four years - what progress?

They're Out to Get You, Peter! 2008-05-17
In situations like this the letter of the law means very little.

What Happened to Stepwise? 2008-05-10
Find it between the lines.

Kraken: The Second Story 2008-04-15
Find it between the lines.

The Partial Relativity of Bullshit 2008-04-12
There are four kinds of lies. Just ask the vast majority.

Apple File Systems II 2008-04-05
More to things than meets the 'i'?

Apple File Systems 2008-04-01
Totally their own.

Thank You for the Music 2008-03-14
By Björn Ulvaeus.

Microsoft: Fix Your Security 14 March 2008
Microsoft users: switch or get off the net.

So, Basically , E-E - It's Cool? 15 October 2007
This one stands on its own merits - or lack thereof.

SCO II: Steve Ballmer's Intellectual Property Interoperability Framework 15 October 2007
'So in July one Microsoft executive arrives; then as of October 1 there is the second - a patent guy. October 9 IP Innovation, a subsidiary, sue Red Hat. And Novell. So much for being Microsoft's little buddy.'

Mister Bill Gets Big 'Thank You' from Mother Russia 14 October 2007
Windows users have no clue what dupes they are. But the Russians do.

Greetings Tbilisi 4 October 2007
This is like a cartoon. A story in pictures. Just follow the pictures down for the punch line.

Evidense remover 18 September 2007
They just get dumber and dumber.

Cox Chased, Goes Down 18 June 2007
Global law enforcement agencies smash child abuse network.

V*STA Stinks 12 May 2007
Ubuntu is still on the rise; Apple are selling their Unix boxes at three times the rate of the Windows PC OEM industry; certainly these trends are significant of a sea change at last. And the irony (if you will) is that this sea change is the result not of a realisation that the platform is hopeless but that the platform is basically unusable.

'John Spinks' 28 February 2007
Poor Andy Churchill. If he could just keep his cool for the brief duration of a single mail message he might get away with it. But the super-scammer and super-spammer has never been able to keep a lid on things. Read on and enjoy.

The Ignorance of Joe (L)user 28 September 2006
Things are bad on the Windows platform. No, they're BAD. No, not BAD, they're BAD BAD. No, they're even worse. Alpha and Joshu cook it up, comparing notes from trips behind enemy lines.

BrowserShield 5 September 2006
They're at it again - and you're the loser. Big time.

The Second Half Life of Steve Jobs 3 August 2006
He's in a predicament.

The Myth of LUA 20 June 2006
Besieged - humiliated - as they have been for the past seven years by malware attacks, Microsoft have attempted to shore up the defences in their 'standalone' operating system Windows. Perhaps the most significant step they have taken is the implementation of LUA - the least privileged user account. This article will show why Microsoft's efforts are in vain and why Windows is hopeless.

Who Cares? 30 May 2006
Gee whiz I'm really sorry. Really. Now give me some more money.

Windows Defender 18 May 2006
Windows is like a house in a bad neighbourhood with one subtle difference.

With a Little Help from My Friends 15 May 2006
Common wisdom says you can't help an alcoholic; it should also say you shouldn't trust an alcoholic to help you.

Evidence-Eliminator??!?? 9 May 2006
All the research has already been done. All you have to do now is read.

The Long Wait 7 May 2006
Thanks to Microsoft, IT budgets are down, resources remain. What better time to test alternatives?

Cupertino's One of Us 6 March 2006
You've come a long way, baby.

It's Dèjá Vu All Over Again 24 February 2006
Microsoft can't do it and Apple won't be able to do it either.

Oompa Loompa 19 February 2006
An unlucky 13th for Apple.

Support is Cool II 14 February 2006
Some people won't go away unless you chew raw garlic and use a wooden spike.

Re: Spyware warriors call for action 10 February 2006
A direct challenge to the BBC technology news team.

Windows OneCare Live 8 February 2006
Microsoft's new security product goes on sale in June.

Unplug the Internet 21 January 2006
And turn off the lights.

Coopertrue 14 January 2006
Ignorance is strength.

Writing on the Wall 12 January 2006
It's indelible.

Could It Be Any More DEPressing? 31 December 2005
Yes it could - you could be one of those miserable slobs still running Windows.

MS ActiveArmageddon® 31 December 2005
An expected Happy New Year greeting from Microsoft.

Ran Out 14 December 2005
We have his true lies as incontrovertible evidence.

Support is Cool 11 December 2005
And customers are great.

What a Shame 11 December 2005
There's more than decorating the tree.

Long Live the Registry 26 November 2005
The Registry will be with Windows users for the foreseeable future.

Clean Machines 15 November 2005
'We don't use our computer much. It's not infected.'

Windows Requires Work Which Hinders Use 28 September 2005
Someone looking for an unusually portable portable gets advice from a family member. This someone already switched to Apple but seems to not have got the punch line yet. Here it comes.

F.C.U.K. 5 September 2005
Fraud control in the UK.

Fraud Detection and Prevention 1 September 2005
Don't let the wrong merchant unlock your store.

How Windows is @#$%ing You 20 August 2005
Ever since you've been on the net it's been @#$%ing you. Vista won't change a thing.

The Vista Screenshots 19 August 2005
Most likely you'll find nothing.


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