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Microsoft Takes to Spamming

Week of June 12, 2000

Well why not? They've already committed every other indiscretion in the book. But now William H. Goebbels 3 has taken to spamming. He's definitely in the gutter.

When the US Justice System doesn't dance the way of this megalomaniac, he will obviously do anything, break any rule - ethical, moral, legal. He's sick and insane.

The following letter is part of Billg's latest smash campaign. Please note that this is not any newsletter as the spam implies: these creeps have never written to us before - ever.

In fact, the address used was last used over three years ago - an indication of just how desperate these crooks are.

If you get any similar letters from the Redmond Führer, send them with all headers to the Federal Trade Commission's mailbox for Unsolicited Commercial Email, uce@ftc.gov, to your local ISP, and to billg@microsoft.com and abuse@microsoft.com. Do not Bcc any of the addresses: make sure MS sees what's happening and how you are dealing with them. Do not accept this vile tactic.

Herewith the letter (yes, it's rather disgusting):

    Reply-to: <3_2573_11C3634C-5D30-D111-8B1D-08002BB74F3F_UK
        From: 'Microsoft' <0_2573_11C3634C-5D30-D111-8B1D-08002BB74F3F_UK
     Subject: Local News - UK DOJ Update
        Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 09:28:41 -0700
  Message-ID: <5cf2101bfd48b$44f60620$2383300a@cpmsftddsq04>
    X-Mailer: Microsoft CDO for Windows 2000
Thread-Index: Ab/Ui0BL8575AZUbTfWQbUTGB8yxFw==

Dear Customer,

DOJ Update.

To cancel your subscription to this newsletter or stop all newsletters from microsoft.com, read the directions at the bottom of this message.

Last week the US court issued orders to break up Microsoft and impose regulations that will restrict our ability to create new software for you. We feel it is important to tell you that this announcement is just one step in the on-going case and we are confident the appellate court will overturn this judgement when we appeal.

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, respectively Chairman and President of Microsoft Corporation have published a letter to all our customers. We felt it would be important for you to know about this. To view this letter please click on;


Thank you for your continued custom.

Neil Holloway
Managing Director - Microsoft Ltd.
Vice President - EMEA.

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